Trips to the Turtle Pond

So Friday when we went and picked up our boy’s from school we had promised the boys durning drop off we’d let our oldest Sean take us on a nature walk to the turtle pond and well what better way than to share the story… than with photo’s of the lovely event. It was fun even if did rain a little. The little things we do as a family means the most to these boys and we are dead set on giving them plenty of family memories.

Friday after we picked up Sean, Connor and Kayden from School!

Me, Kayden, Connor and Lorne in the back as Sean leads us to the Turtle Pond

Sean leading the way

Daddy, Connor and Sean

*Father & Son Moments* moment’s like these melt a mothers heart 

watching the water for signs of life

Kayden watching his brothers

Turtle Pond

off they go!

he was having a blast 

Sean, Kayden and me … Connor didn’t wanna join 😦 

yeah we are weird but we are perfect 

My boys and me 

My Boys & Me 

Sean bailed on this photo 😦

*black n white* kinda wish Sean was in this photo

back we go!


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