October’s Outside the House Date
my husband and I promised to go out once a month to keep the romance of our relationship alive and burning and to keep us sane!

Well since September’s out of the house date got me to my first concert… October brings me to HOCKEY! Yup that’s right this gal is going to a Hockey game. My hubby won two tickets to see the Springfield Falcons! Woot Woot! Game on! 
Well since this is our special date night… I must get ready cause my baby sitter shall be here round 5pm! Well off I go… Can’t wait to recap this date… when I add pictures!
*pictures to come*

Mass Mutual Center (trying to get into the parking area)

That’s where our DATE take’s place

Springfield Falcon’s vs Manchester Monarchs 

*Two Crazy Love Birds* nawh it’s just us stuck in TRAFFIC 

Main Entrance (Arena/Box Office) 

Yeah buddy… Pat the Mascot at the Falcons Season Opener (you should have see Pat and Screech dance)

Let Date Night BEGIN 


Springfield Falcons! 

Screech and the CROWD 

Game On

Us … black n white (I love having some photo’s in black n white)

Moments that make the world stop!

sweet play sorry it’s only the pic and no video but I spy in YELLOW my twin Lexi :p

& the Springfield Falcons WIN 3-2 in a very and I mean VERY CLOSE GAME

Congratulations to the Springfield Falcon’s on your 2013-2014 Season Opening WIN!
Well date night was amazing with the Win of the Falcons all the way to the Win of the Boston Redsox and the Boston Bruins! So my weekend will be complete if the Patriots when their game today at 1pm which starts in 21 minutes!

I love date nights and so does my husband … it gives us time to be us with no worry of the kids… yet we worry how they are doing even with having the best baby sitting team around… yeah we have a TEAM … we are totally spoiled.

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