Let’s play Ketchup!!!!! *Haven’t posted in awhile missed some neat life events!*

Well let’s see this past weekend was fun with trips to the Amherst Apple Festival (oh wow I’m gonna have to post about that … almost forgot about it- this past weekend was very busy but fun) and then the day we all decided to go Apple Picking with a bonus horse visit. *All post about this week in a different post as it was insanely crazy*

My sister Katie and me … thank you sun ray’s for making this picture interesting 
me on horse back after five years off it just feels like yesterday 

you know a horse lover when you see one 

yeah you can see a pro just by the way she sits… heck I used to do show (horse lover)

my niece and me laying in the grass

my crew and me 🙂 *my adorable son’s*

Kayden standing in the cart at Target

out cold snoozing *so cute*

Guard Dog MAX
*GSD- German Shepard Dog*

Connor’s buddy… he’s got her wrapped around his fingers

sleeps by my bed at night for built in home security

Connor on our nightly walks to check the perimeter

out cold before the snoring took effect but let me tell you she is very alert when it comes to anything … and with three kittens let’s just say I’m slowly learning all be awake most nights checking in on the house for noises 


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