Apple Picking & Playground Fun (Sept. 2013)

So this past weekend my crazy family and I chose to go Apple Picking then we went out to the local playground before going out to dinner at Applebee’s. 
watching Donuts being made at Hamilton Orchard in New Salem

kids thought this was pretty neat

off they go running through the trails

Baby Kayden enjoying the ride via his baby carrier 

nom nom nom teething baby 

Connor checking out the yucky apples

Kayden touching Sean while Connor stands watch 

piggy back rides via Cousin Lyd’s 

*black n white* up the trail we go 

Us … the whole crew even the photographer in the mirror image of the window at Hamilton Orchards

walking to Cold Springs Orchard in Belchertown 

off they go 

Kayden *teething* I just love this picture

off he is with his bag

checking out the surrounds and watching everyone pick apples

Connor picking Apples

has to be just right to be kept

making sure it’s perfect 

*black n white* Connor reaching for his perfect apple

takes about three to four people to help get a chubby in a baby carrier 

Baby Kayden in his carrier checking out his siblings picking apples

he’s got his perfect apple and he’s checking it out

Sam and Lyd’s being goofs!

the boys *minus Kayden*

*black n white* the boys 

Kayden with a big bag of Apples

Wow almost forgot we took the kids to get up close in personal with a HORSE at our friend *more like family* house. Which was a learning experience for all of us…

Connor on the horse bare back 

Sean on the horse bare back 

nothing like starting them young… he loved it minus the sun in his face

*black n white* 

*Playground* woot woot kid’s burning off energy at the local playground in Amherst before we went to dinner in Hadley.

the boys tackling the slide

surfing with cousin Lyd’s and Jacob

Surfing … woot woot look at little man

OMG he’s a charmer *black n white*

awe baby Kayden crawling all around

*black n white* I don’t know why but black n white photography speaks to me!

Other photo’s from our Apple picking, playground playing and out to dinner night!


photo: Katie Thompson

photo: Katie Thompson 

photo: Katie Thompson (Photo of us all at Hamilton Orchard) 

photo: Katie Thompson *watching the kids run around*


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