Gotta Keep It Real!

Lunch Date

So Friday, September 27th, 2013 my hubby brought me some Wong Garden for lunch … yum yum! I am def. spoiled but that lunch date was needed…

On way to kids Parent Committe Night at School

Wow… I can officially say that we are proud school parents! That’s right our babies are in school… as we drive off to their committee meeting I snapped a few pictures of us chatting and making faces while driving and walking… gotta keep the humor in life … even then.

Aren’t we thrilled 

10.3.2013 (Oh eeek’s I’m sick but he still love’s me)

Today October 3 of course this mama would get sick 😦 poor me… yeah poor Lot 33 in UMass … ooops be-careful where you step! LMFAO I made UMass my Witch (B) when I let her take the dinner I ate… lmfao yeah that sucked but my boss told me to go home and rest! So I ate some food then pounded soup then slept till like 3pm and it was refreshing I actually slept and kept food down 🙂 Yay!

But at least when I look my worst he still love’s me … when I feel like crap he still loves me and is even nice enough to make me food even if it disagree’s with me…
Well that’s how we keep everything alive… the LITTLE THINGS IN LIFE!


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