Sneak Peak! Sushhhhhh!

So now that autumn or fall (which ever you prefer to say) is here… I’ve got so many different art’s, crafts and activites to explore with my kids…

So let’s see … first that is going to happen…
Nature Walks to collect leaves and pine cones… great for making decorations and bird feeders! (check out my arts & crafts with a touch of country to get ideas)

So let’s get to the exciting part…

nature walk *depending on how mom feels & if plans don’t stick for mom to attend a fucntion she’d been planning on attending*

Apple Festival in Amherst on the Town Common… 10-4 kids of all ages and free yet bring money for different things they have

drive up through the Mohawk Trail… done it every year and heck maybe will do the Hicks Corn Maze if it’s there 🙂

Well that’s what I have planned lets see if those plans stick through… besides kids going to see Aunty for some time on Satuday!


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