Woot Woot

Woot Woot Go ME!
Wow, can’t believe it but I hit my ideal weight of 110 pounds. I’m going to try to keep it steady there so that I can start to feel confident. I used to be teased all through out school… I also had problems with self-esteem that helped cause my iggregular eating habits that had me loosing pounds that has caused some long term effects.
My only task now is to flatten my stomach give it shap instead of a blob… that’s all this mama want’s to do besides keep fit and build up some muschle to lug around three kids and all their stuff.
So woot woot go me I did it I set a goal and I achieved it and within a year after my son’s birth with time to spare and only within months of giving myself this goal too! I’m apparently more motivated than I thought or that walk from lot 33 helped out more than I thought too!
Yay! Go Me! Keeping it Fit!

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