First Concert to My First DJ Gig to my Second Concert *Crazy Weekend*

So this weekend has come and gone and with nothing but amazing memories, pictures, and vidoes to go along with crazy stories of awesome times.
 I toook that day off from work to spend the whole day with my husband as a DATE DAY & NIGHT, we as such nothing I plan ever goes as planned. My husband was called into work while we waited in line for the new iPhone 5S that I was so nicely upgrading him to. Ain’t I sweet heart! Yeah bite your damn lip and hold your tongue if you really know how and what I’m like! LMFAO
So mid-day after that was done we dropped my youngest off who couldn’t attend school cause he was sick to his Grandmothers so that I could get ready and so that I could pay bills that needed to be paid before we went to HUNTER HAYES down at the BIG E which yes SOLD OUT 🙂 Woot Woot my first concert! Just happened to be a country one too!
Me proudly showinig off my Hunter Haye’s concert ticket 🙂
My Hubby and Me! 9.20.2013

  Well we made it through that awesome Concert and the waiting for those sick ass sexy phones. All the way to my first DJ aka DVJ gig for my cousins anual pig roast that was AMAZING… pictures are all I need to explain this day!
DJ Whiskey Whispers

My DJ Booth (We def. REDNECK’s)

beating the RAIN :p

This is Mr. Sexy Awesome Uncle Moe 🙂

My cousin Ron and Me the day of his Annual Pig Roast

Amy & Kevin (Perfect Couple)

prepping for Car Bowling 

BONFIRE!!!! 9.21.2013

  Woot Woot Randy House Concert at the Big E with my sister Katie and my co-poilted TROUBLE PARTNER 🙂 school nicknames given by our teacher!

RANDY HOUSER (view from my seats! be jealous)

My sexy sister Katie and me 
Born & Raised a Country Gal 
Country Sister’s with Kix 100.9’s SHAGGY!!!!!
Everything that happend this past weekend was amazing simply put I got to go to my first concert, host a gig, and also see my second concert but my frist real big deal event with my sister besides my bachorlet party the night before my wedding … lol
Well that’s the weekend… almost done with this week yikes… I gotta get better at blogging!


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