How to Keep the Romance ALIVE after 3 Kids

How to Keep the Romance ALIVE after raising 3 kids.

Dear Reader, 
      A letter from the working mama… I’m a full time employee for the local university, I work part-time for Avon (& I love it), and part time for the local school system on top of being a full time parent with my husband. We’ve been married happily since May 2011 and have raised three handsome boys along the way. We welcomed our first son in September 2008 but much to our surprise we’d have a horrible falling out and split up (yes sadly we were to be married when we hadn’t decided but for some reason part of me ran away… fell in love with a false hope and well yes got pregnant but soon realized that this person wasn’t healthy for me or my son and unborn child who happened to be another boy) so I found my way back to my first love the father of my oldest who yes with hesitation took me back in fear that I would run again, yet I didn’t … we prevailed and surprised everyone! We’ve been married for just over two years now and we are planning a wedding vow renewal on our fifth wedding anniversary… it’s going to be gorgeous like the first wedding and it will fall back on the same day. 

We’ve realized that three boys is a lot of work on top of two dogs, a house, and work… so how do two people who both work and help raise a home and family keep their romance alive?! Well that is simple but time constraining and it starts with some easy steps and things to do but first and for most you simply need COMMUNICATION because without it you’ve got nothing but a disaster waiting to happen, take it from someone who learned the hard way. (Yes I’m admitting that when I was younger than I am now and first in this relationship communication wasn’t a strong thing for my husband and I but now that’s all we do with simple phone calls while we are at work to cute silly stupid texts)

So here are some neat tips to keep romance alive (especially with three kids under the age 10 and with prices being outrageous)  

Once a week have a in house DATE NIGHT
      That can be anything from cuddling after the house is quiet and the kids are sleeping and the house is locked down
-you could cuddle together and watch a t.v. show
-pick a night where you can cuddle and watch a movie
Once every two weeks take the time to spoil your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend
     That can be anything from a nice meal together (ALONE) with candles to giving each other some special time so they can just relax
-for your wife/girlfriend set up a romantic candle light bubble bath with some soft music playing
-for your husband/boyfriend set up some guy time so he can have control over the t.v. for some man time with a show or game
-for togetherness … personal body massages (Full Body with no intent for sexual contact)

Once a month (if lucky enough) go on a OUT OF THE HOUSE DATE (to remember what it’s like to see public life without it being in work context) 
-see a movie
-go for a drive
-plan a picnic (weather permitting of course)
-go caught up with friends (if you choose)

That’s we have done and come up with so far I’m sure we will add to those but those are what we have done recently to keep the love, romance, and spark alive in our relationship after three kids, crazy work schedules, and the never ending adulthood demands of life. 

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