Wow, Autum is staring me straight in the face… cooler weather and reasons for most to get lazy. Well not this mama of three. I’m still going to spend most my time that I’m not at work outside with my kids, this is the best time for nature walks, the season changed so you both can learn from it.
My favorite is walks through the woods… I love spotting out the change in color and my kids love it too. Great way to have a workout walk and also great for the family. Keeping every fit for the upcoming seasons cause we all know that when the seasons change people tend to get sick.
Then there is the climate change… going for a jog in shorts and a tank top isn’t ideal anymore thank heavens for yoga pants … come on ladies those are a dream wear… and then of course we still have those tank tops but with a loose long sleve shirt a top it, can’t forget those sexy little earmufs.
So as the seasosns change and Autum apporaches how many workout outside activities are can you really do… well to me until the snow hits walks, jogs, hikes and so forth are still in my book I will just bring along very well bundled little critters…
Well see you all outside enjoying the changes in the season! I’m gonna soak it up!


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