Apple iOS7 Update!

the Apple iPhone iOS7 update!
   Yeah I’m going to go all nerdy… and talk about the lovely iOS7 update that Apple released today around 1pm (my time). Well let’s see… it crashed … according to friends and family that tried to update when the first got it leading to massive call volume’s to Apple stating that it was an over load in the system. This happened before when the iOS5 update was released. Well let’s get back to the lovely iOS7 update… synced my iPhone 5 to my computer and backed it up and saved my photo’s to my computer then updated my lovely iTunes that’s on my computer so that I could do the lovely update… everyone was complaining bout the time it took … it seriously took my 10 minutes when I did it with my computer… my iPad on the other hand took almost an hour and a half. Grrr but hey I’m honestly in love with the new features, new look and new feel it’s seriously like a new phone. Apple you’ve out done yourself this time around with one minor set back… the lock photo and home photo (screen saver) it shouldn’t zoom that much and we should still be able to crop them before choosing them. 
Well that’s all for the new lovely iOS7 update… I’m in love…. it’s like using a new phone! Well more to come when I get the iPhone 5S which comes in less than 48 hours WOOT WOOT!
More to come as I experience new features, new road blocks, and of course new things with my Apple products. 

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