Wow it’s already Monday!!!!

Good-Morning Ya’ll!,

   Ugh can’t believe that I’ve been up since 5:55 am after only going to bed at 12:15 in the morning but that’s okay this mama has it handled. 
 well like every normal Friday and every Friday to come we get up before sunrise (the whole house) get the restless unwilling babies dressed (will need dual seats for both cars) … after the fun of getting them dressed out the door and I the SUVs we drive off to the start of our days …School dropping off … wasn’t too bad getting better kids are understanding it better too!!! Oh how I run late to work but that’s okay I work with amazing people so they weren’t upset I’m normally the first one in the office and the last one out… 
work day drags by… clocks go so slow on Friday for some reason and on Monday. But that’s okay I do my daily half mile walk to my SUV and let me tell you inns be super skinny by the time it’s vacation time… lol! 
When I go to pick up the babies oh my gosh they are ever so cute and adorable and too funny it cracks us all up… Kayden was sleeping but Connor was oh my mummy here :} he melts my heart with his cuteness and Sean was mom I made pictures to take home and they where just awesome! 
load up everything and usually at that point it’s doubled in what I brought to school with the kids lol… but that’s okay as long as they have smiles from being happy and learning new things that’s all that matters. We get all excited to go home… but first I have two pit stops that are part of my work day… AVON!!!! which isn’t bad made a nice 100 dollars … and make more today and tomorrow he he he … I love selling Avon it’s a wonderful side job… 
Get home get the boys inside bath them and feed them and its off to bed… 
shortly was moms bed time too!!!!
… well hmm that’s was a EARLY morning but totally worth the cuddle and cartoons in my bed with three cutie pies and thoughtful ones as that. They sneak in the room while me and Kayden are snoozing and curl up next to me yup life’s amazing I tell ya… my kids are my savors! 
     Shortly we get ourselves motivated downstairs and Aunty Betsy calls asking if she can see the older boys and take them to her house with no objections on my end off they went little man and I went and grabbed grandma Fuller to do some Saturday shopping 🙂 
then home to unload and get stuff completed before the boys get home and what a successful score… boys and I have a relaxing time waiting for daddy to get home before dinner and bed 😊
oh that day was crazy and horrible all cause my husbands stupid family hates me so much they trespass me and only me (well my mother too) but that’s okay we had fun inside with the kittens who started eating wet cat food 🙂 (hard dry cat food moistened with water cause I’m too cheap and that shits expensive) 
nice chicken-nugget dinner with fries and oh yes bed time shortly after cause mama was smart and did a tripod tub time where all three boys in at the same time and to my surprise they loved it. 
Well that wrapped up my weekend cause after they went to bed I went shopping for work and came home then off to bed this mama went… even if it was restless and short… upside was Kayden slept from 8:00pm till 6:30am
Write more later … this weeks gonna be crazy so you’ll hear more after 
Bones season 9 tonight
iOS7 on Wednesday 
iPhone 5s on Friday before my Hunter Hayes concert 
Saturday I’m djing a backwoods country pig roast can’t wait 
then Sunday it’s randy houser baby with my older sister oh the trouble we will be getting into thankfully I’m getting a 32gb iPhone lol i am gonna need the space 
well see ya later 🙂 buh bye 
Mummy & Kayden 9.14.13
9.14.13 happy kids 

smiles 9.14.13 (Kayden)


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