Woot Woot Great Start to this HECTIC WEEK

Well as most of you know … I’m a mama of three boys … all who address me with three very different names… Sean calls me mom, Connor calls me mum for some reason he’s gotten mum down better than mom… I’m sure in due time it will change to mom. Kayden of course says mama.

Well this morning the manic monday in our house came up QUICK to the tune of 4hours 45 minuted of sleep cause my alarm was set for 5:45 giving me plenty of time to get myself ready before tackeling the kids.

Kids were all up by 6:30 meaning a horribly long day for them…

This is their second full week of school! Yay big boys they are and who cares I’m done hiding my life if people want to spy in on it go ahead… Yes my children are in school yes I work full time and yes they are taken care of and have everything they need and much more!

Load them up around 7:30 and off we go by 7:45 to get to school for 8am since mom has to be to work for like 8:30 and it’s a good five minute drive with a fifteen minute walk to work.

Must say the first week was a challenge getting the kids to school they hated it… well Sena didn’t we knew he was ready to mingle with students and get his learn on. Connor hated it he’d only really every been around me, dad, and his brothers or grandma… so this was something new and scary for him but he’s doing well today he was amazing. He’s got horrible seperation anxiety and mom has it too but she know’s this is for the better. Kayden is loved by everyone on campus and has a blast all the time. Always a happy baby, except when he isn’t fed right away… then it’s the end of the world.

Today to my surprise Connor was carefully checking out the place again apon entering the building and walking Kayden to class, but soon he realized there wasn’t much that had changed. We said our goodbyes to little man and of course he plays with him through out the day so it’s not to bad for him he see’s his brother. Off to his class at first there was some no no I don’t want to but once the teacher asked him to check out this new toy and take of his shoes it was mom shoes now please and then kiss and bye … awe getting so big and accepting school. Sean of course already has his routine down and check himself in all by himself, such a big boy he is. So over all this school transformation is going well… A mama of three and a working mama of three school aged boys… Wow times flown by and it’s only getting better from here on out 🙂


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