Saturday Mornings!!!!

Good-morning ya’ll,

     Ah the sun shining through the curtains, boys are giggling and watching cartoons… best way to be woken up I gotta say. Every Saturday morning this is how it goes… Hubby leaves for work, if little mans up feeds him and lays him
back down to nap for an hour cause being up at 6am on the weekend is early for him… then says bye to me and every time our older boys are always sleeping so he sneaks in for kisses. Roughly an hour later do they sneak up stairs with intentions of waking their little brother to watch cartoons with him and cuddle with me so it’s been a lovely every day Saturday thing.
Must say makes me look forward to the end of every work week, every Friday for the simple reason I get the experience over and over again the best things in life the little moments that make memories. 
Happy Saturday Ya’ll see ya later 😊

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