First Day of Work

Oh my, I’m sorry I forgot to blog all about my lovely first day of work which was like back in August… as a full time employee and full time parent lets just say time for blogging has been a thing of the past until recently. 

Well my first day of work was on August 9th… worked a lovely 8:30-4:30 shift with half hour unpaid break no big deal right!? It was an amazing day filled with excitement and nerviness but was a wonderful day, I work with some amazing co-workers. Sadly for you all dying to know what I do I can’t say because I work with confidential items. I work as a Human Resource Departmental Assistant  /Clerical Assistant with UMass Amherst and I love the job. 
Can’t believe that as of today for this post I’ve worked over a month with them and have already extended my hours from 7.5 to 8 😊 Well that’s the normal day of me and my job. 

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