Weekend Crazy!!!!


Just a little upset…why because my husband neglected to tell me my father-in-law will be staying in the camper… ugh seriously… wtf… kills my week starting at Wednesday seriously this sucks of course my husband says its for like a day or two cause he’s only coming up for the car he’s getting but seriously … grrrr
Oh well ain’t much I can do but bite my tongue and make due… right… yuppers that’s what I thought. 
My cousin next door opened Chester’s Farm Stand … Fresh Veggies with no chemicals or anything all organic as they say but at half the cost … can’t beat that… seriously they are better than the stores and half the price so if you want good quality veggies check it out… soon to be a Facebook page and hopefully I can help them make a web page too!!!! 
Well today’s Saturday and I’m home bound as my hubby took my SUV to work today as we are down to one SUV ugh crapy right… your telling me … time to get Durango fixed its been sense MAY!!!! ugh seriously depressing but whatever we will live I guess. 
Doing pretty well on my 30 day crunch challenge on day 10 at 65 crunches and on day 3 of the photo a day August challenge lets see how well the photo challenge go… lmfao I’m horrible at them! 
Can’t believe in 38 days my oldest will be 5 years old its crazy how times flying bye… so much to do in such short time.
(side not this entry is all over the place as I’m writing in the morning with a teething baby so my thought process is all over the place) 
I can hear my older boys making movement in their room over the baby monitor which means today’s officially begun in over drive as I can hear them fighting over toys … in a room FULL of toys that I have to Re-Clean cause they trashed it the same day I cleaned it … ugh seriously they love doing that. 
Well time for me to end this entry on Day 3!!!! I’m sure all write more later if not see ya Monday!!!!
Buh Bye 😊

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