To A Day in My Life!
Hey ya’ll it’s me … just your small town gal who lives in New England her whole life, born in raised! I’m proud of my country roots heck it makes me special! I’m a redneck hick that enjoys weekends with my family around bonfires, drinking beer and listening to country music until the moon goes down… I’m a proud mum to three handsome baby boys! I’m married to a wonderful man who’s my best friend, I’m lucky!
Well my life’s simple… I’m a stay at home mom who works from home during the summer and school breaks as I’m also a Substitute Paraprofessional with the Town of Amherst. I’m currently putting out job applications every where to get a FT/PT job that pay’s better and offers more than 5:30 am phone calls asking if I can work… but it’s a job none the less. 
I’m 24 years young, I’m very active as I’ve got three kids that keep me on my feet constantly … check out my other blog bout keeping fit! I’m starting it with a 30 day challenge on crunches for some AB work-out I’m my friend’s buddy in this to make sure we do it and complete it! 
As of today, July 30, 2013… let’s see what’s happened in my life
1989- Born
2008- Graduated Amherst Regional High School
2008- Had my first child Sean
2011- Had my second son Connor
2011- Got Married 
2012- Had my third son Kayden 
2013- Got my first SUV (yes it’s my first vehicle that’s registered in my name)
My husband just celebrated his birthday yesterday we went and saw White House Down and that was a amazing movie! I say everyone and anyone should see that! 
Well my family is sending prayers to my cousin’s baby girl as she’s about 3 years old and is in Baystate as she’s very sick and we aren’t sure why… we aren’t giving crazy details out but I’d love to ask for an extend in prayers and get well wishes if you don’t mind? 
Well that’s enough from me tonight all blog some more tomorrow! 
Nighty Night

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