Kayden Lucas Hatt
Born: November 30, 2012
Time: 8:04pm
Weight: 8lbs 5ozs
Length: 20.5 inches long
Head Circumference: 35cm
    Yesterday November 30, 2012 at 10:10 am, I was scheduled to see my Ob-Gyn office, after being in serious pain that was causing me not to get much sleep. I went 7 days with 27 hours of sleep… which was physically killing me… the baby of course was fine… but I of course wasn’t to my DUE DATE 12.5.12 so they kept tell me there wasn’t anything they could do… which left me in tears and tons of pain… so I seriously asked about switching providers because I wasn’t getting anywhere and obviously three trips to either office and labor area wasn’t giving them any idea of how much pain I was in. 
    After an hour of pure Hell and then some and getting told to head over to the ER to be evaluated… and of course being stuck in limbo for an thirty minutes… I was in pain and it wasn’t getting any better… they hooked me up … Baby’s heart beat was beautiful and I was having contractions but only 10 seconds long that came 7.5 minutes apart … it wasn’t full blown labor… so after being watched and told I was seriously only 3 centimeters dilated and still only 50% effaced… they would think about doing a membrane sweep… well when they came back 2 hours later to check to see I was still in the same spot my Ob-Gyn said that he’d been talking with the office people and they came to realize that yeah I was in discomfort, yeah I’d been there back to back the last three days… they went over the inducing stage and plan… I was like okay … so me being on the low side of the scale to possibly having a C-Section they went a head with it… we moved me from exam room 2 to delivery room 5 … which wasn’t bad we went from a super cold room to a mega hot room… but that was okay it kinda helped out.
     So around 1 pm we started pictocin (a drug to jump start contractions)… around 4 pm they came in to check me I was about 4 centimeters dilated and still only 50% effaced… joyful right… yeah it wasn’t the greatest… so at that point they said we’ll break your water… well I requested the epidural so we choose to give that to me first before we broke my water cause that can cause you to progress faster… and well yeah here’s how the rest of the night went…
    We broke my water around 5 something in the evening because it took a little bit for them to get the epidural stuff ready and me into a position that worked… which was fine… by me… I was a champ I had gotten two other times no big deal… but this guy was awesome gave me epidural and cheered me on making me feel like I was human with needs … so once we got me all numbed up we broke my water and they said we’d need a pediatric doctor when I delivered cause he apparently pooped in the womb and they wanted to make sure he was alright… so okay that wasn’t normal but we’d live with it… around 6 pm they checked me I was only 5 centimeters dilated and still only 50% effaced not big deal they said they’d be back to check around 9/10 pm … well Lorne decided to head out around like 8 pm to head to the house to get somethings well… I started feeling my contractions… and it felt like I had to take a poop, yes seriously (now here’s were it’s gonna get a little more than PG) so the nurse who was setting up for delivery… that we didn’t think was gonna happen before 9/10 pm went and got the Ob-Gyn (who happened to by my actually Ob-Gyn Dr. Patton)… he came in and said well let’s check you and I said okay and he was in complete shock cause it took me 1 hour to go from 5 to 10 and 50% to 100%  … apparently I was ready and my body was pushing on it’s own. 
    So we instantly I was told to watch t.v., play on my cell phone and all the nurses and doctors rushed around because we weren’t ready for him to come and boy let me tell you he wanted OUT! It was bad because we all tried to contact my husband who was on his way home… he made it to 47 in Hadley and turned around… we all though we had time… well Kayden said nope I’m ready … well right as we were about to start pushing my husband walked back in the door… he made it just in time … I was very relieved that he was there for me… cause my mom & sister got to hold my legs while my husband cheered me on along with the nurse who help me crunch into a ball… within 4 pushes he was out… I tore a little but not enough to warrant stitches… but I am still on watch cause of my levels and the fact that I haven’t been doing too hot with the lack of the bleeding… I passed a horrible clot that they call moderate and to watch out for cause if that came back I’d be hooked back up to a drug to slow down my bleeding… yikes makes me a little nervous. 
So we got to welcome little man Kayden Lucas Hatt at 8:04 pm last night… we barely had time to notify people that I was going to deliver… let alone give anyone updates to how I was doing cause it went so fast…
                All post pictures LATER!

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