Christmas Dilemma

Uh oh Christmas Dilemma
   Wow, it’s hard to realize I made it threw this year without my Nana and the famous holiday traditions we did with that side of my family, but after we laid her to rest in February the family split apart and we really don’t see eye to eye anymore. Very sad actually but honestly it was bound to happen and coming soon in the near future anyways. But Thanksgiving was hard since I tried to include my father in my families Thanksgiving dinner but that just ended up with a big nasty freaking fight that I tried not to cry at but such is life it comes with divorced parents and parents that don’t get along. But now we have Christmas coming up and I always remember my Nana loving this time cause she could decorate her tiny Christmas tree, talk to all our family members and of course send her love in every direction and of course cook, her favorite thing to do. But this year we still have many families to visit… first off have my father and mother split make Christmas and any big holiday a hard time… and that goes for my husbands side too since his parents are divorced as well. 
This year is gonna be tricky… Christmas and Christmas Eve is how we used to do our split family events. Well this year we have my Mom’s vs. my Dad’s but since my Nana isn’t here we don’t know what’s happening … I was gonna suggest to my Dad that we hold it at my house up in Pelham since honestly it’s bigger than his house and we can accommodate the whole set of kids let alone his two grand kids my kids and the families. I know it’s weird and all but I don’t wanna be cramped in my dad’s house either. 
    Another DILEMMA I’m having is who I’m gonna buy gifts for… MY CHILDREN are COMING FIRST no MATTER WHAT… because they are my children. I’m pretty happy that I’m buying for 3 boys it makes it a little bit easier. So this is what I’m thinking….
My List of who I’m buying for 
Gifts from both mommy/daddy & of course (SANTA)
Gifts from both my husband/self & the Grandbabies 
-My mom Mary
-My mother in law Shirley
-My sister in law Betsy (she’s done so much for us-like saving us every time we are in a BIND)
-My father Brian
-My father in law Big Lorne
-My step-mother-in law Celio
-Bruce (he’s done so much with helping me fix the house
-My sister Crystal
-My sister Nicky (the kids Aunt and God Mother to all three of my babies)
-My brother James
Everyone else (which is A LOT of people) 
are getting Christmas Cards with a family picture… I just don’t have the money this year with the new baby coming before Christmas… which sucks cause I don’t mind getting something small for everyone but this year I’m strapped for cash… 
Well that’s my dilemma and I’m just hoping people understand… I know certain family members are gonna be upset but honestly we’ve gone through a lot in the Hatt House Hold and with a new baby on the way and arriving any day I need to focus money were it’s most needed.

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