39 weeks TODAY!
Wow, can’t believe I made it this far, last pregnancy I popped at 36 weeks and five days pregnant but the pregnancy before that I popped at 39 weeks and four days pregnant so I guess it’s not that far off… but this pregnancy has def. kicked my butt physically. 
Yesterday I had my weekly Ob-Gyn appointment but keep getting told I’m gonna go into labor I’m fine all go and won’t need the next weeks appointment well yesterday at 4:30 in the morning I was awoken from a dead sleep with horrible contractions that last two hours and were steady but I rocked myself outta them because I needed to take my two older kids to the dentist. So all re-cap my lovely appointment for you!
Weekly Appointment Re-Cap
How far dilated: 3 centimeters
How far effaced: 50% 
Measuring: apparently my belly’s messuring 37 weeks… I guess I’m starting to shrink in the belly department well yeah I’m not eating like I used to because I can barely do normal things 😦 
How far in your pregnancy: 38 weeks and 7 days pregnant
Weight: 145 lbs
Blood Pressure: 122/72
Fetal Heart-Beat: was good according to the doctor who took three attempts in locating his heart beat… shocking since he normal hit’s it first try
Discussion… since I’m not 39 weeks they can’t do anything to help me… or even start to help induce me and I was in pain and almost tears… YIKES
This is what we came up with … 
    if I don’t go into natural labor before my next Ob-Gyn appointment on 12.4.12 they will strip membranes and I guess induce me from what I read on what that means… JOYFUL but if I go another three days with only 12 hours of sleep I’m gonna be calling, heck I can’t sleep on my left side nor my right side anymore and sleeping on my back is tricky since I can’t get out of bed cause of my belly. 
So today 11.28.2012 I’m still pregnant and I’m finally 39 weeks, I’m shocked I got like maybe 6-8 hours of sleep last night but that is def. something to be shocked about but it wasn’t straight threw so I’m not completely shocked either. I’ve had a lot of lack of sleep lately and it’s only gonna get worse after the baby comes yet I hope my dearest husband will help me out a bit more. 
I currently weigh as of this morning 144.5 lbs which is nice cause 44.5 lbs of that is gonna disappear shortly after the baby is born with some of the baby, placenta, and water retention yet most of it will disappear since I’ve got two other boys who will need me just as much as the newborn and with little family help all get stuck doing it all… sadly… Grrr… cause my husband ain’t gonna be able to take much time off…
Well that’s all for today… all keep you update pretty much threw out this LAST WEEK of my pregnancy! Can’t believe it’s almost over! Wait yes I can and I honestly can’t wait… not cause I don’t love my baby but because I’d love him to in my arms not my belly anymore! 
All try to post some pictures later!

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