Pictures with Santa

Well since this blog is being started in the mere Winter Season of 2012 lets start it off with Winter Holiday Traditions… We’ll explore traditions all the way from different meals including recipes and different family events that are fun… but don’t worry if you want some crafty idea’s check out THE CRAFTY LADIES Blog! (all attach a link)
Well since it’s after Thanksgiving Santa has arrived at different locations, this also depends where you are around the world too. 
Well in my area at Yankee Candle (Pictures below)
we had Santa arrive via Helicopter with his wife Mrs. Clause… that was fun it’s an outside event that I’ve been bring my family to for the last 3 years… just remember to hit up Dunkin’ Donuts for some coffee and hot coco! and bring blankets, gloves, and hats cause it can be chilly. 
you then can visit with Santa in his toy shop in the store were you can write a Christmas Wish List and leave it there for him to give to the elves in the North Pole making all those amazing toys…
the parents of course can get pictures of the kids sitting with Santa ( I’ve always found it fun )
Then we have Santa arrives at the Mall (Pictures below)
this is a weekend event down in the Hampshire Mall (which is in the area I live you have to check your local mall to find out what’s going on)
Santa is stationed in a section of your mall for us he’s in the food court… in front of a tall tree were two lovely ladies (or they were ladies when we went for round one) worked there to tell you the different packages they have to offer… not bad prices either but then again if your looking for free… best bet is Yankee Candle! (but be ready for a line and crowd) It’s fun to see the kids expressions sitting with Santa!
They also have some events at our local Look Park were you can see Santa too! I’m not sure the exact dates they aren’t until later in December, but they are free events and are kid friendly. 
My oldest Sean and my second oldest Connor with Santa at our local mall! 11.25.2012

Santa & Mrs. Clause at Yankee Candle after arriving in style by Helicopter on 11.24.2012

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