OMG it’s really here! 14 Day’s left!

Only 14 Day’s LEFT!!!!!
I’m 38 weeks pregnant with Kayden Lucas!
                  Well on November 20, 2012 at 11:20 am I had my weekly Ob-Gyn appointment yeah it was a little early but by one day since they had to reschedule my appointment…not sure why since they are still open this day… but either way I did get information that I wanted and then was left hanging on other information. 
          Well Ob-Gyn re-cap! 
Weight: 144 lbs apparently
Blood Pressure: 112/74 shockingly
Effaced: I’m assuming still 50% since I wasn’t told anything
Dilated: apparently still 3 centimeters
(but the doctor could feel the baby’s head)
Measuring at 36 weeks apparently… apparently I’ve shrunk
Heart-Beat: Sounds Good
Wow… what a great doctor … like seriously gave me nothing to go on … but I hope we don’t see you Tuesday at your next appointment like really WTF. 
1. How far along are you? I am 38 weeks pregnant
2. What’s your current weight? uhm since I did’t weigh myself this morning … we go with yesterday’s doctors weight of 144
3. Did you gain, loose, or stay the same? def. gained some weight
4. How’s your sleeping? what sleep when I get sleep I wake up sick 
5. When is your next Ob-Gyn appointment? November 27 at 4 pm with Dr. Patton! 
6. Are you experiencing any odd cravings? Nope
7. How is morning sickness treating you? I don’t really get it unless I’m really sick
8. How are you emotions treating you? they sucks honestly I can’t wait to be normal again
9. How’s your physical appearance? I don’t fit into much besides leggings and yoga pants with tank tops and really big hoodies, sneakers are fine and one pair of boots fits me … yikes! can’t wait to have my normal body back
10. Do you feel the baby move? Not as much as before since there isn’t much room and he’s in ready position
11. How big is the baby? I ain’t sure but I’m sure he’s gonna be bigger than Connor when he was born and I hope around the same size as Sean and not bigger… yikes!
38 weeks baby bump

side view of my bump first thing this morning

front view and yet you can’t tell I’m pregnant (Gotta love black cloths)

Yup that’s ALL BABY

Birds Eye View

Holy Baby Bump!

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