Yay! I’m Full-Term *37 weeks pregnant*
Wow, I’m surprised I’m still pregnant, but never the less gives him more time to get ready for the outside world. I’m hoping that he comes soon though, he’s been kicking my butt from the inside out. Well today’s my normal weekly check-up at my Ob-Gyn’s office, and actually I’m anxious to find out how far I’m dilated and if I have any effacement… basically to see how wide the cervix has opened then to see how thick or thin my cervix is. I’m hoping with all these on and off again contractions, pains that my body has some what gotten ready for labor cause dang if I have to LAST 3 MORE WEEKS they better be giving me a medical note for BEDREST so that some people can help me since most people just say they will and never actually do. Pretty messed up right… I have two other kids and myself I have to take care of… and a husband that works insane hours and if they tell me to rest, I’m probably gonna bust out laughing then cry since honestly there isn’t a such word to a mother of two already. 
Well my appointment went awesome! I can’t believe it went that well…I’m super happy yet super excited at the same time but I doubt that all be coming before Thanksgiving.

So let’s do the fun stuff before we get into the details of my last Ob-Gyn appointment!

How Far Along Are You? I’m 37 weeks 😀
Size Of The Baby? I measured 37 cm’s which is great I’m right on spot!
Any New Symptoms? bloody noses, congestion, restless legs, and the all time favorite I don’t fit anywhere in my house
What Are You Craving? chicken nuggets and rice slop (a soup that I make)
Total Weight Gain? for whole pregnancy 131 lbs
Movement? yeah not as much as before but he’s still with me
Gender? BOY 7-16-12
Nesting? yuppers
Sleeping Well? nope
Buy Anything For The Baby? nope
What Are You Looking Forward To? his arrival, Thanksgiving, and Christmas
What Are You Enjoying Most/Least About This Weeks Pregnancy? THE LEAST: the lack of sleep, the congestion, being sick, and of course the pain… THE MOST: feeling the baby move when it doesn’t cause pain, the one night I actually got sleep

Ob-Gyn Appointment Re-Cap!

Well today was my weekly check-up were I measured 37 weeks on the dot as I’m currently 37 weeks in my pregnancy. I have my normal weight check I lost some weight about a 1 pound they say they don’t seem so worried but they don’t think it’s gonna harm me or the baby, as long as I don’t loose more weight between now and delivery. Then we went on the normal pee in the cup so we can check for protein in your urine of course they attempted a test yesterday but it came back uncertain so they are re-running it today and all have results tomorrow after they examine them which is great and Holy Cow this kids doesn’t like me eating and it’s making me sad… yikes that could be another reason I lost weight. So then we brought me to the exam room, yay! To the fun stuff were we check your blood pressure which mines was a nice 112/70 we even got to hear his heartbeat today…after we did a tummy check to make sure he was still in ready position (which he’s been in since about week 28-ish) and his HeartBeat was great! I was happy to hear it since he doesn’t move like he used to since he’s getting cramped but I’ll have a good sized baby … won’t be as small as Connor but hopefully not bigger than Sean that would suck! Then we checked my cervix cause I’ve been having horrible contractions that caused pain… and wow while writing this either this kid doesn’t like me eating or I’m having horrible contractions oh boy praying it’s because caused by eating. So I have been informed that I am 3 cm’s dilated! Yay! and I’m also 50+% effaced! They have an appointment for me on the 20th but they aren’t sure I’m gonna need it… Lorne’s sister say’s I’m gonna go on Thanksgiving. I think like the doctors I might becoming earlier than that. Hey as long as it ain’t tonight cause my husband wouldn’t get there in time… unless it happened after 9 pm.

Well all try to post some pictures later! Have a wonderful day … I’m gonna try to of course get this baby out… so walking, playing with my kids, and oh maybe a drive down a dirt road… then of course maybe some sweet spicy food! … LOL the normal things besides fun fun fun. LMFAO

See ya soon!


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