Yesterday’s Failures

Well yesterday wasn’t my greatest of day… actually it was better than Saturday but worse than Sunday. Saturday I was on my small sofa all day cause I just couldn’t move, couldn’t breath, and was just suffering. I mean I didn’t want to panic or go back to childbirth center for nothing so I waited it out… since I had only been there Friday night.

So the next day the husband went off to work his normal 8:30 am until 6:00 pm … except even though I felt like crud I managed to clean the WHOLE house before he got home so that we could just leave get WIC and come back eat and go to bed… even though I wasn’t feeling well we needed to. But Sunday I felt a little bit better … Sean got to go out and play with his cousins and their friends, Connor took a nice 3 hour nap that let me rest, I got dressed when he woke up and took him outside to visit with everyone and of course watch their stupidity. (Sarah if you want to know all fill you in on that…) Then we went inside and cooked dinner and had a small family dinner then sent the boys to bed… as soon as I asked for a foot massage the darn tone’s went off for a medical call up the road. So I wait… rest and continue to get the boys to bed… around 9 ish/10 ish I climbed into the jacuzzi tub (no i didn’t run the jets) but it was a nice warm bath… that seemed to help until I got out of the tub and couldn’t walk, couldn’t breath and just was plan miserable. So I asked my husband to come up and refill the humidifier, turn on the ceiling fan and massage my calves that felt like cinder blocks, yet he did one up and one down stroke … what a nice husband NOT! cause the next comment was damn I feel like a fucking slave you always ask for this for that… but earlier on Saturday he texts me he doesn’t get to rest before he sleeps… NEWS FLASH I don’t get to really rest period… seriously WTF that’s just not fair… I was told to take it easy by the doctor he was their… and I’m still doing more than I’m supposed to. Yeah talk about pissing a pregnancy woman off but that’s a thing of the past that won’t be forgotten kinda like his slave comment either.
So we roll into Monday… another night of shitty sleep filled with a day of contractions, pain, and leakage… that really didn’t seem to add up. So after dealing with it all day and starting to get really uncomfortable and when my right leg went numb I decided to call my Ob-Gyn’s office on-call center… they really didn’t seemed all that worried that I was in pain, that I was leaking and so on… they do want me to visit them today to leave off some lab samples… great… then I still have to go back tomorrow for my normal scheduled appointment… ain’t it lovely… I have to waist gas twice… Tomorrow all be 37 weeks all be full term… I am not seeing my normal Ob-Gyn either… but all def. be asking what my options are since I can’t and refuse to go threw 3 more weeks of pain and suffering until this boy chooses to come especially when my husband works more hours now and I get no help.

So today the PFD tones went off at 4 am which woke me up in a startled way, which totally upset my body and Kayden. I was up when the Husband got back which he was gone for like an hour, I got to hear the wind, the rain and even see the sun attempt to come up, since I was up from 4 am till 8 am then once my oldest started yelling for dad at 8:30 am I kinda forced my hub’s outta bed to deal with the kids… cause I couldn’t functionally do anything cause I was so drained… yet
now I cough, can barely speak, can’t breath, and have the worlds worst headache, no fever, ton’s of aches and pains followed by contractions and pelvic pressure along with leaky discharge that’s watery and sometimes yellow… except this headache/migraine ain’t like any I’ve had before cause I’m sensitive to sound, light and movement… joyful right… NOT cause I doubt all get any answers for any of my sysmptoms… this SUCKS!

Well the office is closed for lunch from 12 noon till 1 pm so I’m stuck waiting till they re-open to of course go do my lab work… yet I feel like crap and just want soup and sleep and to have this baby outta me so I can take some kinda of medication to start feeling better since you can’t take crap while your pregnant… BLAH
well that’s the end of today’s rant for now… all be back tomorrow or tonight depending on if I call the Ob-Gyn’s on call service cause I can’t take the pain.


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