Weekend Has Arrived

Wow… we made it to Saturday!-+

Well last night Ange was able to not blow us off! Yay! But she honestly didn’t do much… I feed the kids, changed the kids, and even put them to bed… so much for actual help… heck I even stood over my stove making food for myself feeling like I was gonna fall into it and yeah … thankfully I didn’t… She went in to say goodnight to the boys and she passed out on the day bed in their room along with the kids… seriously! Oh well everyone was out at 7:10 pm. So I used that time to eat and rest… cause I just was feeling like utter crap… and still am feeling like crap… thank you lovely coal stove that has dried out my house… Grrr I need more humidifiers and more rest… though it will never happen!

Well today Connor was up at 6:45 am according to dad… and Sean was up at 7:00 am according to day but they let me sleep until 8:00 am which was nice yet they are at each other’s throats already and Connor’s already ready for his nap… TOO EARLY though it’s only been 3 hours since he’s been up … I don’t think he’s feeling a 100% since he’s been attached to my side. Either that or he didn’t sleep well…

I went to bed at 1:00 am cause I couldn’t breath… gotta love being congested then woke up to a bloody nose like really the last three days I have had horrible bloody noses cause of my damn coal stove that’s apparently dried out the air in my house. I guess it’s good that it keeps it warm but seriously we need more air circulation so that I’m not dealing with bloody noses, congestion and sore throats.

Well it’s 10:00 am and my youngest wants to take his nap early nap hopefully means he will be up at a reasonable time  … Now to get my oldest to start listening to me and of course help me clean up… Can’t touch boys room yet… but we can of course work on the living room once his brother is officially asleep that way we don’t keep him up. Grrr!

On a side note… I’m not a happy camper at the present moment not because of my kids but because of my neighbors feeling they can use my drive way to access parts of their property … I Freaking think NOT! My property not yours! Ugh seriously feeling like I’m gonna faint … this sucks thanks for the stress jerks… and of course since my oldest won’t listen to me I doubt his brother will actually take his nap… yup I was right this sucks balls TODAYs gonna be ROUGH!

BRB gotta put the youngest down… again! Ugh this is gonna be a rough day and I’m stuck doing everything myself… gotta love being pregnant and getting no help from people … some I understand they work some purposely do shit to piss me off…. I’m bout to put an ends to a lot of shit!

Well time to get myself motivated even if I’m feeling weak, lightheaded, dizzy and of course like I’m gonna pass out … cause someone has to clean this house and keep it perfect cause it’s only me!

Well all be back later… maybe!

~Getting aggravated cause apparently I don’t have property since they keep coming on to it… I’m bout to go ape shit… they take anything off it and we are gonna have words… I may be pregnant but my mouth ain’t… all speak up… I don’t give two flying freaks what people think! I married the land owner to this property all make sure things are done my way! Great now they are coming into the house BLAHHHHH~ So much for knocking on my door… right!


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