Ugh what a morning & it’s only 9 am

Wow so after a night in the child-birth center in Northampton over at Cooley Dickinson Hospital… and the pit stop to the store to get some snacks… yeah let’s just say I didn’t get much if any sleep… Cause we got home around 12 am…
We relived my sister-in-law or my husband’s sister who was down here to stay with the kids since she thought Kayden was coming, coming but Kayden just wanted to keep us on our toes…

12:15 am we are getting ready for bed my husband decides he want’s to drink some more of his Dr. Pepper that he already exploded once in my car… LMFAO told him to be careful… does he listen nope… gets home goes up stairs… lays down in bed opens soda and yet again it explodes… LMFAO … then he gets pissy cause 1/4 of his soda is gone and he didn’t get to drink it… well Dr. Pepper in 20oz bottles or in bottles period are more dangerous than in cans… proven fact. So he managed to soak the bed comforter, get his phone completely wet… (of course his cell phone case broke so yeah he had NO PROTECTION on it so my first reaction unplug it and dry it off making sure no soda go into the ports … job successfully completed) then we had to strip the bed so I really didn’t get any chance of sleep till like 1 am… isn’t that nice knowing I had to get up early since my kids NEVER sleep in…

Well I finally get to fall asleep around 5 am isn’t that joyful… I laid in bed watching t.v. for the first hour in bed I got to deal with a killer bloody nose… that SUCKED!
Two hours later my husband got up and heck those little rug rats were up too and they only went to bed around 11 pm … so they are gonna be a little fussy today… FAMILY NAPS are required… only suckie part is I tried texted my husband a few times… then my son gets into his dad’s chair and finds his cell phone.. Grrr then around 8:40 I get a phone call from Springfield… low and behold it’s the husband I think I left my phone at home… well my first reaction when I saw the number was wow… you realized you left the phone at home… he goes yeah were was it I was gonna have you check outside… lmfao your son found it… it was on the floor in- front of your chair… Guess all head out around 9:30 am to bring it to you… not something I want to do but since I don’t know where half way is during lunch time and with No GPS I’m not gonna stress myself out & go into labor in Springfield… F That… so now it’s 9:11 am and I’m trying to find clothing for these two fussy, non-listening boys of mine so that we can drive off to Springfield to return dad’s cell phone since he needs it for work… JOYFUL… Guess to day gets more stressful besides yesterday’s triumphs… oh well all manage just mean’s more reason for Kayden to come… yet I still need to pack my bag, clean the bases to the car-seat and so on… Got a lot to do in a little time and with NO HELP from people … OH WELL all live…

See you later all update once before I go to sleep… to tell yeah if my help blew me off and if I was able to accomplish some kinda REST… lol


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