Mid-Day on the LONG DAY

Congratulations Amanda it’s 1:27 pm on Friday, November 9th, 2012…
Well this morning Kayden was very quiet, he didn’t move much and I drove all the way out to Springfield to drop off my husbands cell phone that he mistakenly left at home… no big deal he gave me $20.00 to bring it to him so I could put my $18.00 in my gas tank… I guess Whiting Energy no longer does propane so now I’m fucked… Ameri-Gas won’t take us cause apparently we are in violation yet we passed when the house was built and so forth… so now we have to fix everything… before they will take us a new customers … just freaking lovely… RIGHT?!  So I guess Ostermen bought Whiting Energy’s propane clients but who the hell know’s how much they cost… this sucks… since we were told that Whiting was gonna deliver propane to us Monday or Tuesday … GREAT… how the freak does that happen if they aren’t doing propane anymore… like seriously what more can I take…

My goal today is clean the house, pack my hospital bag, and get the bases to the infant car-seats set up and ready for transport … I’m hoping Kayden will come in the next few days cause I seriously can’t take his I’m gonna be stubborn this day and then hyper this day… just come out already little man… we are ready… I mean I would love to meet you and get my belly down a size or two… lmfao.

I’m waiting to hear if Lorne’s cousin is gonna bail out on us… like she bailed out on me last time… she better not be fucking lazy here either… I want to be able to rest… not have to worry bout much except packing my damn hospital bag, getting the infant car-seat in the SUV and ready in-case this weekend he chooses to come… Well I’m happy that my youngest has gone down for his nap at 1:38 pm that means he won’t be waking up till almost 4 pm then going to bed again at 7:30/8:00 pm … my oldest on the other hand is refusing his nap… he’s been up since 6:30 am and went to bed last night around 11 pm … so I’m really dragging since I didn’t go to bed till whee hours in the am then get up and outta bed at 7 am once the husband left… Wow!

I’ve drank 20ozs of cola today and that hasn’t helped me wake up but at least I’m drinking my sprite to keep hydrated with something that is helping my throat… I have my living room to clean up and I just don’t have the energy or strength to clean it with Kayden causing pressure every time I do some serious moving around… plus my living room feels like a million degree’s and it SUCKS… Well I am gonna try to rest a little but since my youngest is sleeping and my oldest is of course playing with his toys on the couch…

All be back later of course to keep updated … damn that little shit faked us out he’s not napping he’s not banging on his gate… Grrr alright attempt three hopefully I can get him down before 2 pm.

Wish me luck… lol


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