well yesterday everyone was worried about a snow storm that we didn’t even get… we got a light and I mean a light dusting of snow and in some area’s they got nothing… it was another joke… the weather people really need to make sure they have their facts straight because I mean really seriously getting people in a panic to make some money isn’t the smartest … in reality it causes accidents and problems for the emergency services and people who are trying to live their every day lives.

well sadly i was kinda hoping for a little bit more snow than we got… it wasn’t too bad it wasn’t even an inch of snow so it’s not all that worthy 😦 oh well live, learn and wait till later this year!

Well all post a few of the pictures I have a tad later… buh bye…. gotta go blog on my other blog and get ready for my OB-GYN appointment and for the new propane company we are switching too…. yay!


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