Rough Night & more to come!

Well last night I went to bed just a little congested … it was around 11 pm… Wasn’t too bad until I woke up with contractions, cramps and oh the wonderful bloody nose that lasted a nice 30 minutes. yesterday I hit my 9 month mark or 36 weeks…

Well my little boys who used to sleep in are now getting used to the time change and aren’t sleeping in which was totally using to my benefit ooops! That was my bad… oh well we live, we learn and we move on!

Well today’s been pretty easy for the most part… setting up the infant car-seats all post pictures they came out pretty nice… got them 100% clean! Yay! Can’t wait to set up my car too… it’s gonna be so nice…

Today we have my OB-GYN appointment at 11:20 am with a doctor I HATE! and an hour before that starts the window for the new propane company we are switching too… joyful so with in the hour of it I must leave for my OB-GYN appointment … oh well my mother in law shall be here…

Well I must get myself motivated… and get Kayden to move around since he hasn’t moved since 4 something this am… right before the contractions started… wonder if I’m gonna go into labor in the next 24/48 hours?!


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