OB-GYN Visit Wrap Up

11.8.2012 at 1:59 pm 

I’m 36 weeks and 1 day pregnant… or 9 months and a day! Either way today I got the clear from the Dr. I don’t really like who WAS SICK to say the least that I could have Kayden! Yay… so the whole time I cried in pain last night/ early this am because it was semi snowing out and thought I had to keep him in I could have called and been seen… yeah at 4 something but hey. So at that time I was having cramps, contractions and pushing feeling and then lack of movement… they were a little concerned with his not so hyper self … he’s normally all about kicking the monitor as we check his heartbeat and all about moving away from it… yet today he just stayed still and moved twice… yikes but since I didn’t wanna get stuck on a machine for an hour and a half and wasn’t sure how long I’d have a baby sitter for… I told them I had to leave… well that right there was probably my WORST mistake… cause I was in mild pain when I left… it felt like he was gonna drop outta me… but I’ve been feeling that for awhile… I guess it’s normal when you’ve had more than one pregnancy, but still it’s very uncomfortable. Well I got some things to make lunch since I was told to go home, eat, and rest so that we could monitor him… well yeah I made food and ate and now I’m feeling 100 times worse than I did before I went to the appointment yet it feels like he’s trying to escape… I just want him out… if I do end up calling and getting sent to the ER/Childbirth center all be demanding them to just help him come out cause I don’t think I can go threw this on again off again teasing… especially with two son’s who keep me on my toes as it is already… So now I’m sitting on my couch updating all my blogs… 
Well let’s give a re-cap of what happened at my OB-GYN visit… 
Pre-pregnancy weight: 100 lbs
Pregnancy weight: 142 lbs
Pre-pregnancy height: 5’ 4”
Pregnancy height: 5’ 4.5” I apparently still have a little growing left in me
Pre-pregnancy pant size: 00, 0, 1, or if I was lucky a size 3
Pregnancy pant size: 5 or 7 possible heading to a size 9 that’s depending on how much longer all be pregnant
So I’ve def. gained in some area’s … lol but I normal shrink back down after each pregnancy… 
Today’s appointment was alright…
Weight- 142 lbs 
Blood Pressure- 120/72 
Symptom’s- Anemic
Fetal HeartBeat- all I got was it was good… hmmm made me worry since he wasn’t as hyper as he used to be… Dr. wants me to rest though and watch his movements…
** Well that’s all for now… all keep you updated as the day goes on **

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