Mid-Day post!

It’s 2:35 pm on November, 8th, 2012! It’s rainy outside which made all the SNOW or the DUSTING of snow we got MELT! Sad sad sad oh well …
Okay well since I stopped after that last sentence cause I was just getting to weak to focus… not cool… still am really weak… don’t want to move much… either…

Well let’s do a OVER VIEW of my DAY!

10:20 am AmeriGas Propane came to do the swap… well the supposed swap…… That was a WHOLE waist of TIME let alone stressed me the fuck out since they refused to do it cause of many reasons all of which need to be fixed before they can of course come back… so now I’m stuck with Whiting Energy who is a heartless company! So after being told that they can’t hook me up or delivery me propane and that I was practically out of propane… I damn near broke down… I couldn’t handle that and the messy house I had … I tried so hard to keep clean before them coming… well I get home and my mother in law had pretty much helped me out with the dishes and cleaning the boys room… we realized they need BIGGER and MORE toy boxes with all their toys… Guess that’s on their christmas lists… along with a few items.

Welll I left my house around 11 am and headed to my appointment that was at 11:20 am in Hadley … well I made it to my appointment at 11:23 am …not bad but then again I hate being LATE! So I wait 5 minutes and then I’m seen the appointment seriously last ten minutes if that… gotta love seeing a doctor that’s in and out and then tells you oh sorry for not going near you I’m sick and don’t want to get you sick… seriously… WTF next time call out and have someone else take your shift… like don’t get a pregnant woman sick!

On the way to my appointment I saw my father… not like it’s outta the blue his house is on the way to the doctors office, but who he was with shocked me… I was already upset and ticked off as it was so that didn’t help after all he should really drop the person he was with like a bad freaking habit. Then again you can teach an old stupid dog new tricks if they are just too stubborn to learn!

Well on my way home from my doctors appointment I stopped in at Stop & Shop and of course got some hamburger, rice, tomato sauce, canned potatoes, some microwave mac n cheese, and of course some soda and broccoli for me…  but when shopping for that I was in some serious pain… every step I took felt like I was gonna drop the baby or my water was gonna break… I don’t like that feeling… so I practically ran to the register and cashed out and left… on my way home … I noticed some cramping but it wasn’t bad so I just blocked it out… got home saw my house… and filled in my mother in law … then she left… not bad since she was down at my house around 10:30 am cause of the propane people thank goodness since I was freaking out… yet she had some good questions that made me question their reasons of why we could have the swap. I was home by noon so she had been down at my house for 1 hour and 30 minutes so that wasn’t bad… but she wasn’t feeling good and I’m glad I got home when I did and didn’t go on the monitor cause I wouldn’t have gotten home until after noon closer to 1 pm. But after she left and I started cooking yeah I was def. regretting that choice… So now it’s 4:25 pm and I’m still feeling weird pains, my right ear is like burning, and I only got to rest for 30 minutes… so now I’m completely congested, and trying to do everything I can to make  Kayden move so I don’t have to go to Northampton… but it the cramps and pain don’t go away all call and see what they say… maybe they’ll induce me and all have Kayden sooner rather than later… I really want this little guy out.

So now that I’m in pain… I have to wait until my husband gets home before I can do anything cause their is no one to come watch my kids. This sucks… but this is also the life I married into…Well it’s 4:30 pm and my youngest is up since my oldest woke him up then passed out … lucky him I wanted them both to take naps but that didn’t happen my youngest got an hour nap and my oldest gets up in 30 minutes and he’ll had an hour nap. Ugh this sucks I just to rest, get Kayden to move and of course find out if they want to see me… tonight or another appointment tomorrow! Joyful right! only hard part is … finding a baby sitter… let alone Lorne works 9 am until 9 pm tomorrow … UNLESS I GO INTO LABOR or I’m stuck in the hospital over night for observation.

So then my mother calls me around 4 pm to say that she’s had a rough day and that her day has been worse then mine… don’t you just love those calls… I’m like I doubt it but okay… Yes she’s had an equally stressful day… but can’t be as bad as mine… she just needs to learn to be more proactive and less inactive. But that’s my mother very negative instead of positive. So yeah that’s what I get to deal with … on top of all my stress and issues… I get to deal with my mothers too!

Well it’s just my youngest and me and he’s just not in the mood to listen since he didn’t get his FULL NAP thanks to his lovely big brother! Grrr making for one very cranky pregnant mama. My husband has 1 hour and 21 minutes left of work then a horrible 45 minute drive home. I’m getting wicked congested and I just hit my belly were the baby is and DAMN that hurt… gosh I want him out my belly is SO SENSITIVE, but on the upside Kayden moved and it of course caused PAIN. Well hoping these next few hours get better instead of worse…

Still stressing that we need heat and don’t get how we aren’t in code… I doubt they would have passed this house if it was outta code… like seriously WTF. Oh well gonna breath and pray it gets better… I’m gonna go for now and try to get little man to move some more… then keep my youngest at bay a long with getting my oldest up who’s gonna be super duper cranky since he’s on the top bunk and my pregnant butt can’t go fetch him. Grrrr I hate bunk beds while pregnant.


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