Election Day Wrap up!

Election Day Wrap Up

Well it’s 5:12 pm on Tuesday, November 6th, 2012! I voted! Did you?! My lovely sis came and visited yet again and that was awesome! My kids love her and miss her dearly when she’s up in New Hampshire…

Well I’m trying my all at making my very first BY MYSELF Chicken Roaster in prep for Thanksgiving coming right around the corner… not much different right?! Well IDK I’m not the bird being cooked… lmfao. I’m making homemade gravy, gonna have some chicken stuffing and mixed veggies along with mashed potatoes! Yum! Can’t wait to see how it comes out… it should be done around 7:30 ish if I don’t mess it up…

Well let’s see I was up at 4:45 am and was awake until 7:45 am where I seriously should have just gotten motivated and had the hub’s get up and help me… we didn’t get motivated until like 8:30 am… which THREW off my whole day and all my plans…

was able to finish washing the car-seats, half washed the crib … now must do a once more over! pretty excited that I was able to move the two dressers that we are moving since we chose to just move two and leave the baby at the foot of the bed since we didn’t want to have the hub’s leaning over me to help with night time duties. I guess that was nice of him… we are excited to have our room semi cleaned again! I’m happy to have it cleaned again myself…  though I have so much stuff to move around and get organized… must get the crib set up too along with putting away clothing and what not…
got half the living room in shambles too … grrr this just isn’t my freaking day to be honest… I mean really how hard was it for him to devote his WHOLE ONLY DAY off to help me… since he had to work SUNDAY and then tells me oh yeah my boss told me the only time this sale could be finished was TUESDAY his second ONLY DAY OFF… I don’t care how much money you get paid an hour and what not… That don’t help me get ready for the baby that can COME ANY FREAKING DAY NOW…

Well topic change… back to the ELECTION!

-I voted! I’m happy bout my choices… Obama and Warren… why because Rape isn’t something us woman cause and two because I need birth control, I also use MassHealth BMC cause I don’t have the luxury to have a damn job and still take care of my kids… like some people that get handed to them on silver platters that really pisses me off with Romney  I work for everything I have… and to where I’ve gotten… I mean really I graduated… I haven’t been able to attend college because I became a mother right outta high school! Trying to get back on my feet in this shitty economy sucks… especially since Bush fucked it up in eight years I feel that it’s only fair that Obama get’s eight years to of course attempt to make amends fixing it… So I voted for Obama and Warren… everyone else I just kinda voted for by what I semi-knew… I’m sorry I don’t follow the election like everyone else… All I know is that I wasn’t voting for someone who wanted to get rid of section 8, masshealth/medicade, foodstamps, and assistance to the people WHO ACTUALLY need it not the one’s screwing over the damn state… *cough cough* sadly I know a few people that are really handing it to government… by constantly having children, by lying about things it’s sicking and sad… seriously sad… especially when they go to the depths of keeping things in their daughters name who passed away last year… seriously disgusting… nasty… rotten and YUCK!

Well I guess I should count my blessings that I’m honest with the government I barely work… due to child care… and with the government who has stopped funding child care for poor people… that’s left me to be the 50’s house wife… who cooks, cleans and takes care of the house, kids and pets… while the husband works… since in this economy we need to have one working 50+ hours to survive…

Well it’s 5:27 pm I’m gonna pause here… and do some more around the house, check the food & pray that I can keep these fussy, sleepy & cranky kids awake long enough to eat the dinner I’m cooking let alone from trashing what’s already been done to this house… also I’m gonna go find out if the Hub’s is done at work… trying to get everything done sucks… I didn’t sign up for being a married woman living the single life… seriously this was supposed to be a 50/50 partnership yet I’m doing 95% of it… unless I get cranky… well off I go!

Yay it’s 6:38 pm my husband is officially HOME, dinner is ALMOST DONE! & he voted… yet he decided it’d be funny to come in and say he voted for ROMNEY…. like seriously … WTF then tells me after I’m ready to ream him in now I voted for Obama! Grrr seriously like way to send me into LABOR! Jackass!

Well yeah this bird is TAKING FOREVER! I’m hungry NOW! Gonna snack on some mints and hold myself over got another freaking HOUR yikes!

Be back later of course!

Well it’s now 7:20 pm on Tuesday night anxiously awaiting NCIS, NCIS LA… the normal for my typical Tuesday night … hopefully it’s on with it being election night and all… yikes forgot to think of that one… my damn BIRD is taking for EVER… like seriously and my mother-in-law is a pain in my ass like ugh… but that’s okay… I mean really I call you at like 3:45 pm because the kids want to see you then you call at 7:20 to freaking talk to them knowing it’s their god damn bed time like what the freak man… today just hasn’t been my freaking day and it don’t’ look like it will every be MY DAY any time soon with my husbands new job, the new baby coming soon and the family that says they will help that magically is never around… like seriously don’t offer the help if your not gonna freaking follow through with it… well I must start making the stuffing, the veggies and checking the potatoes… can’t wait to eat, get the boys ready for bed & of course put them to bed… finish the master bedroom so I can go to bed and then of course let the husband start the freaking coal stove…

Well it’s 8:33 pm and both boys are heading to bed… time for us to get finishing on the Master Bedroom then I’m off to bed I’m tired… I’m stressed and annoyed but living life… Nuh Night see you tomorrow with pictures of everything accomplished on the upside… Dinner came out alright!


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