Potty Training

Well my youngest is 22 months old today! Yay lil man! Well he’s not the youngest since I’m currently pregnant with his younger brother! That’s gonna be weird from him being the youngest to the middle child… But he’s doing great with potty training he peed on the big boy potty last night after tubby time and again this morning after breakfast… Mommy & Daddy couldn’t be more proud of him and his accomplishments… My 4 year old on the other hand… he’s being testy with potty training … he’s been very hard… I’m trying my hardest not to feel like a failure but he’s just not grasping it… I feel like I’ve done something wrong… my youngest has it down except of pooping cause he’s still small and almost falls into the toilet every time… I’m trying not to make my oldest feel bad when his little brother gets praise for doing well on the potty… but the jealous of him over his brother getting rewards makes me feel bad…

So any parent’s out there that can help me with potty training a 4 year old who just doesn’t want to go potty on the big boy toilet?! My youngest seems to have it down and I’m very pleased and happy about it.

Any one who hasn’t been a parent but worked with children is more than welcome to comment too! All advice is appreciated at this point!


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