Ugh I thought I was passed the stage of Morning Sickness… it seemed to have disappeared and I was completely happy with that… yet after eating breakfast I felt wicked sick and nothing helped… then got horrible cramps and pains… hello contractions… ugh seriously not what I wanted… not when I have so much to do today… from moving three dressers, setting up a crib, re-arranging the living room for the coal stove to keep all the babies warm with the upcoming snow were supposed to get … watch all go into full blown labor tomorrow… JOYFUL right! NOT! I’m not 100% ready!

I tried eating my normal mints, drinking ginger ale and nothing worked… the end of this pregnancy is coming near cause everything I tried wasn’t working… part of me wishes that I can pick a day & have my doctor help me move this along since I’m not getting much sleep and I’ve noticed that I am starting to accidentally does off during the day … not sure if it’s part of morning sickness but still it is followed by it…

Well I’m 35 weeks pregnant and 6 days pregnant! Can’t believe all be 36 weeks tomorrow!

Wow… I really want this nasty morning sickness to leave… it’s like I’m gonna get sick yet my body won’t allow myself too because I never stop and then I wind up in the ER anyways… BLAHHHHH and their ain’t no point in calling my OB-GYN cause they’d say drink fluids and lay on your left side… that’s apparently the answer to EVERYTHING… even contractions… and lack of fetal movement… which happens when you know your gonna go into full blown LABOR… Kayden’s got his time’s of pure excitement and is quiet most the night and day except when he shifts every hour when I’m sleeping to make me get up and visit the bathroom… but he’s def. dropped a lot in the last week… I can feel it … it’s like he’s right there… which doesn’t help cause feeling sick and like your gonna go into labor SUCKS!

——— Enough with morning sickness maybe I can get over it by changing the topic or something———

So what do I really need to accomplish today… saving the car-seats! Setting up the nursery! basically getting the bedroom ready!!! & getting the coal stove going… on top of voting today! Yikes yikes yikes! ugh every time i feel like i’m gonna burp gotta love being pregnant you stomach has moved upwards so everything is smushed up inside you so you can’t help it but it feels like I’m gonna be sick… nothing’s keeping my mind off it… YIKES… this officially sucks… it’s not heartburn cause last I knew you couldn’t get that from eating waffles… yikes yikes yikes… well I’m gonna get myself semi motivated to get ready to VOTE, get some soda for today’s special lunch with my sis Nicky and the boys, then of course grab veggies for tonight’s dinner… yummy… and it’s something I know Kayden loves. Hoping for an easy day with this nasty case of morning sickness… can’t wait to set up the nursery once they move the dressers I’m setting up the crib and the bedroom then attacking the master bathroom so that I can use it instead of the down stairs bathroom too! Gotta get myself a wall hanging mirror too! yay!

Well talk to you later and yes all post pictures!


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