Manic Monday!

Well last night we decided to start working in the spare room to locate the crib and pieces needed to make it work. Well low and behold I found the crib and the lovely pieces we thought we’d lost! They were all upstairs between the two rooms!

So on top of starting that project my lovely sis from New Hampshire … well originally from Massachusetts came down and surprised the boys with a mid-late night visit! And should be coming back over again today… hopefully soon… since she said she had to leave by 3pm today… yikes it’s almost 12noon now… wonder if plans changed… lol
Yikes that reminds me what are we doing for LUNCH?!

Well today’s a MANIC MONDAY- my husband works from 8:30am- 11pm so the boys don’t get to see much of daddy today… but at least he has tomorrow off… the main reason they don’t see him is cause he has Drill later tonight at the fire station… yup I’m married to the fire wife life! Something of course I wouldn’t change for the world…

So on top of that he works his normal shift at the car-dealer ship in Springfield… So if your looking to get a new or used car, suv, or truck go to Balise Chevrolet Buick GMC and check them out … they aren’t all that bad I found my next SUV that I can’t honestly wait to have! A Chevy Suburban … oh she’s a beast but she’s a beauty… but we can’t do that until next year… 😦 sad sad sad

This weekend was stressful as my husband was supposed to have yesterday off … which would have given us a whole day to complete the tasks at hand… yet yeah that didn’t work… but that’s alright… We did locate two infant car-seats that I’m going to try to save… We did locate the crib my youngest out grew and this morning I did find the pieces that held the crib together… so we found some of the important parts… now to actually finish getting things were they are supposed to be would be awesome. I have SO MUCH LAUNDRY it’s not even funny… guess that’s what happens when you do a ton of moving around and slacking off… hmmm gonna bring it all down into the basement see if my mother in law can handle some and hopefully have it completely done before Christmas… yet that’s holding my breath since I ain’t supposed to be going into the basement for safety issues since I’m a tad more as we say front HEAVY.

Well I’m pretty excited since my husband informed me that he does have Thanksgiving off which mean’s we are going to his mom’s house and still having ours on Tuesday before Thanksgiving just in-case Kayden decides to come early … I’m hoping sooner rather than later because sleepless nights, constant pain yeah I’m ready for my old body back … he he he

Well enough for now… all post again later when BONES is on around 8pm! See you all then!


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