Feeling very PRODUCTIVE

So yesterday I found two infant car-seat’s that I’m going to try to save… hopefully I can!
We started working in the spare room… honestly it wasn’t that bad as it was just really unorganized, now all we have to do is organize it and set it back to a functional storage unit for us… until spring of 2013.

So we decided not to move the master bed, just move three dressers around and put the baby on my side of the room since it was bigger and still gives up space to hide Christmas gifts and such. So really I’m looking at a completed project to be done possibly tonight or possibly tomorrow!

I’m still in need of a few things but heck now it’s not that bad since I can knock off a crib, mattress and what not… I can set everything up… I’m very excited… yet I’m in the stage of my pregnancy were I want it done like now now now yet physically can’t can’t can’t 😦

Oh well all be back later to write more… gotta finish packing my Hospital Bag 😀


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