Yay, I’m pretty excited that I found two baby car-seats from my previous pregnancies that I can hopefully save…

Well I’m 35 weeks and 4 days pregnant… I’m trying to get my lovely master bedroom set up as a bedroom nursery… I’ve already got ton’s to do… like re-arrange the whole room! Yikes that’s gonna be a total killer, but at least I can start tonight… and hopefully finish it tomorrow! I have to locate the cribs and pray we have ALL the pieces to put it together if not I guess we must go out and buy another one. Joyful! Right … not really… we honestly don’t have much I have very little left since people who gave me things for Connor took them back once he out grew them for other people… that kinda makes me upset… if I’d had known that I’d have gotten Connor his own stuff… Well at least I know I have some clothing from before that’s safely boxed and put away in the spare room… which shouldn’t be too hard to get situated since really it’s just organizing the contents of the room… and moving a few things out of that room!

Hub’s was supposed to have TODAY OFF but last minute hour before he got out last night tells me he’s stuck working 11-6 today… Grrr … blahh… so instead of doing it all today we have to start it half today and then finish it on Tuesday!

Well let’s see this is what has to be done…

Master Bedroom/Nursery:

-move master bed
-move two dresses & convert one over for the baby
-set up a dressing room
-re-clean the master bathroom
-set up the crib/baby bed

Spare Room/Storage Room:

-move out mattress
-move out swivel chair
-re-stack and organize the boxes while finding the ones I need and move the new ones in

No before pictures because uhm, yeah I’m kinda sad that I started the projected and trashed the rooms… blahhhh oh well all def. take AFTER pictures though 😀

I can’t wait to have a functional bedroom again! That’s also got a nursery attached… Ahhhh so soon and lil Mr. Kayden will arrive any day now… praying before the 20th or at least after it… but skipping the 15/16th completely!

& then Wednesday all be 36 weeks or 9 months PREGNANT! the doctor wants me to keep Kayden in until I’m 37 weeks which is the 14th… so if Kayden can kindly come the 16th that’d be great that way I could go home before my Thanksgiving on the 20th or come after the 20th that would be AWESOME too!

Well have a wonderful day and hope you enjoyed the extra hour of sleep you got … IF YOU GOT IT… I know some parents didn’t get it cause their kids got them up around the same time as before!

Buh Bye!


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