Happy Belated Halloween PICTURES

Well my babies got TWO nights of TRICK or TREATING! We went to the Hampshire Mall Mall-O-Ween event on October 30th… we did it the year before too! *but if we recall that was the only trick-or-treating most people got since Western-Mass was hit with a devastating Nor-Eastern that went from Oct. to Nov. and was pretty horrible… most feared similar damage with Hurricane Sandy being near* But we got lucky this year we only got rain and heavy winds…

This year we went trick or treating up at Grandma’s house, the Pelham Elementary school and of course we hit up our my other brothers house in Rolling Green … they made out pretty well… they don’t need that much candy & plus they were ready to go home any ways… so all in all it was fun and they had a blast! Can’t believe that next year all have three little trick or treating munchkins!

Morning after Halloween going threw their TRICK or TREAT bags!

Trick or Treating at Grandma Shirley’s house… going threw their goodies before Trick or Treating

Connor taking charge! As his brother watches and waits… 

Trick or Treat at the Mall-O-Ween Halloween event!

RWAR says Mr. T-Rex


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