35 Weeks TODAY!!!!!

I’ve got only 5 weeks left until my due date! 
Well… let’s see I’m 35 weeks pregnant, measuring at 34 weeks because last week we had some pregnancy issues… for one I wasn’t eating much at all since I was having serious cramps anytime i ate… so today’s first meal… Rice and Kalbasa… yeah probably not my smartest choice but I needed something fatty with something stable… 
OB-GYN Re-cap!
Blood Pressure- 112/70 (they said it wasn’t bad it was good)
Weight- 140lbs (all fluids)
Dilation- I’m almost 2 centimeters 
Cervix- It’s soft & low ….
Baby- he’s been in ready position for awhile now… he’s ready to come meet us all but I can honestly say all wait two more weeks… to make sure he’s completely ready!
I do have to have some blood work done tomorrow since I wasn’t able to get it done today! YUCK not fond of the Vampires as I call them but it’s needed to make sure my baby is happy & healthy!
Well for the FUN STUFF
1- how far along are you… well I is 35 weeks 
2- what’s your current weight… well 140lbs ALL BABY & BABY STUFF … lol
3- did you gain, loose, or stay the same since last time… gained gained gained but it’s all water … they could tell it’s in my feet & legs
4- how’s your sleep… WHAT SLEEP that’s something of my past
5- when’s your next OB-GYN appointment… oh that’s easy November 8th at 11:20am
6- experiencing any weird cravings… shockingly none anymore
7- how’s morning sickness… it’s great it’s gone … for now… lol
8- how are those funny pregnancy emotions… eeehhh they are alright
9- do you still fit into your pre-pregnancy stuff… (cloths, shoes, etc.)… eehhh not so much … lol
10- do you feel the baby move…. oh heck yeah and it hurts like a WITCH he’s got like NO ROOM and he’s stretching me in ways I’m not supposed to stretch
11- how bigs the baby… well since their are no more Ultra-sounds… my apps say
Baby Center: doesn’t have much room to move (well I know that) he’s about 18 inches long and weighs about 5 1/4lbs pick up a honeydew mellon
Baby Bump: again doesn’t have much room to move (well slap me silly and tell me something I didn’t already know) he’s about 18 inches long and weighs about 5.25lbs the sixe of a honeydew melon… really?!
What to Expect when Expecting: doesn’t have much room to move at all… (oh more lord who really knew) he’s about a good 20 inches long and is about 5.5lbs already … won’t get much longer but will def. be gaining some serious weight these next few weeks…
Well lets just say he’s a hyper active baby who love’s to dance, stretch and kick! I think he’s gonna be here before his due date … we’ve made it completely official his due date is 12.5.12 but with him being the way he is and my current stats yeah we see in the near few weeks! Let’s just pray it ain’t on Thanksgiving… all be very very sad… but very very happy too!

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