… what a week & it ain’t even over yet… it’s only begun my week never ENDs!

… WHAT A WEEK & it ain’t even over yet!

Monday- Hubs worked 8:30-9:00
Tuesday- Safe Graduation at the High School
Wednesday- work 8:15-12:45
Thursday- Sean played with the neighbors & had dinner there Chunky was under the weather
Friday- a day of rest… NOT I spent it cleaning
-boys room I cleaned 7 times
-kitchen I cleaned twice
-ran dishes and reloaded the dishwasher
-living room cleaned 5 times
(that’s all in ONE DAy)
then went out Halloween shopping like yikes!!!!
Saturday- Well babies slept in till 8:45am… late day naps!!!
I have to clean my living room again, clean my kitchen again, clean my dining room again & of course more dishes on top of taking care of my boys!!!! yikes plus the pain sucks
I’m hoping that come my next appointment we can just schedule a day to have me give this kid a welcome to the world cause I seriously don’t know if I can take the pain anymore especially with no sleep…
Well it’s 10:25 am on 10.27.2012 I’m gonna get on my chores and pray these kids listen the weather and my body are out to get me so … off to finish this day!!!!

Well it’s 11:19 am on 10.27.2012 and the dish washer has been emptied and started to be refilled… kitchen has been cleaned up … now to attack the living room and dining room along with washing tables and getting things ready … yikes seriously this pain has to go … all of a sudden I feel like I’m gonna collapse this isn’t good nor helping me out … and my kids are too young to know what’s going on 😦

Well I put my youngest down for his nap hopefully he takes a full 2 hour nap! My oldest is still working on potty training while my youngest wants to learn really fast… well all be back I’m sure of it!

Well it’s 10.27.2012 still! LOL and it’s 3:55 pm and my youngest only took HALF HOUR nap thanks to my oldest… who I’m currently trying to POTTY TRAIN which I feel like an epic failure at because he’s either just not ready or really just doesn’t want to have mommy help! Yikes… well now that I’ve cleaned this HOUSE about half a dozen times … I’m ready to crash… only issue is … daddy don’t get home until 7 pm tonight and that’s if he gets out on time… ugh! Upside is he sold another car today! Yay! Way to go babe! trying to get a FULL TIME job so that I can get a vehicle in my name so that maybe I can fix my credit… but this is hard when your a full time mom with little help… excited that Sean has an INTAKE appointment for Preschool this TUESDAY!!!!!

Well it’s now 4 pm and I’ve got 3 hours left to my mommy duty shift… hence once the hub’s gets home I have to run down town… that’s if we have ANY MONEY left from his pay check…

Well time for me to say goodbye to this post for now… lol time to get some cuddle cartoons on… with two handsome boys and pray that they rest for a little bit I need to take my feet of the ground besides this short ten second blog!


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