Almost Time! 
It’s either 49 days or 42 days were not sure anymore!

1.) How far along are you? I’m 33 weeks today! … well that’s what I thought when I went to my OB-GYN appointment & was told other wise when they measured me at 34 weeks. 
2.) What’s your current weight? Well this morning I weighed 135lbs but when they weighed me at the OBGYN appointment I was 137lbs… but of course they will go with the weight of 137lbs
3.)Did you gain, loose, or stay the same? I believe I gained a little 😀
4.) How’s your sleeping habits? What sleep I barely get sleep
5.) When’s your next OB-GYN appointment? October 31st at 1pm
6.) Are you experiencing any odd cravings? nope… I don’t have many cravings anymore… YAY!
7.) How’s morning sickness treating you? It’s pretty much eased up … but that’s because I’ve been experiencing more BH Contractions and contractions as we prep for the babies arrival
8.) How are you emotions? I hate them they suck!
9.) Do you still fit into pre-pregnancy clothing or your older clothing? Bah hahahaha yeah right… not much anymore!
10.) Do you feel the baby move? yes, as I’m all baby & you can def. tell when he moves. 
11.) How big is the baby inside your uterus?
     What to Expect (iPhone App): 33 weeks
                                      Baby is as big as a HONEYDEW MELLON
                                                is 19 inches long
                                                weighs about 4.5 lbs 
      Baby Center/My Pregnancy (iPhone App): 33 weeks
                                     Baby is as big as a PINEAPPLE
                                               is just over the 17 inch mark
                                               weighs a little over 4 lbs
     Baby Bump Pro (iPhone App): 33 weeks
                                    Baby is as big as a PINEAPPLE
                                              is 17 inches long
                                              weighs 4.25 lbs

but today at my appointment I was told I’m measuring at 34 weeks so let’s look at their results! what is 34 weeks on each of these lovely apps!

34 weeks
Baby Bump: Baby is 17.75 inches long, bout the size of an average cantaloupe and weighs about 4.75 lbs
Baby Center/My Pregnancy: Baby is almost 18 inches long, bout the size of a average cantaloupe and weighs about 4 3/4 lbs 
What to Expect: Baby is still as big as a pineapple that’s about 17-22 inches long, and weighs about 4.9 lbs
but that would bring my due date to 11-28-12… so hmmm what is my due date now? 

my main question… when’s my actual due date? 12-5-12 or 11-28-12????
am I still gonna be early?
am I gonna be late… is the baby really 34 weeks or am I just gaining ahead because the baby wants out sooner?

*I’ve got Kayden’s baby/hospital bag packed! Yay! Gotta start finishing up mine since I have a feeling that he’s gonna come sooner than we all think! Gotta order his crib & changing table… re-set up the master bedroom so that I can of course have the baby in there too! Well of course that’s all for now… pictures of the bump up later! Can’t believe that in 3/4 weeks all be full term and that in 6/7 weeks all be at my due date! it’s def. flown bye!*

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