61 days until my due date

Yay 61 days left till DUE DATE!

On October 3rd 2012 at 31 weeks pregnant I was seen by my OB-GYN office! I am measuring right on time :D! Kayden’s in ready position and impressed the doctor with his kicks and movement… well we told him he can’t make is escape that way… I was told to take it easy so lil man don’t come early but that’s nearly impossible with two children who are with me all the time at home… (don’t got money to send them to daycare or preschool cause that stuff is just outrageous & the government ain’t helping people anymore)

Well let’s get on to the fun stuff… the weekly/bi-weekly questions!

1. How far along are you? I’m 31 weeks and 2 days pregnant with lil mr. kayden
2. What’s your current weight? I’m 131.6lbs according to the doctors scale on 10.3.12 (according to them I also lost 2lbs 😦 but according to my records- I gained 1.6lbs) 
3. Did you gain, loose, or stay the same? according to docs lost weight, but according to me I’ve gained oh well … not much I can do 
4. How’s your sleep habits? hmm sleep… something I knew about before I turned 19 and something I knew about… lol my sleeping habits have changed, I can’t sleep on my sides or my back or my belly, I toss from side to side all night long and if I’m not tossing and turning I’m using the bathroom cause Kayden’s beating up my bladder…  so sleep is rare but I’ve been getting some sleep
5. When’s your next OB-GYN appointment? well my next appointment is October 17, 2012 with Dr. Patton of course! (maybe I can get something to help me sleep and help with this constant calf pain that just won’t let up no matter what I do)
6. Are you experiencing any odd cravings?  nope just the normal pregnancy ones from my past pregnancies… (pickles, pringles, altoids, atkin’s farms sugar donuts, and of course sleep!)
7. How’s morning sickness treating you?  it’s alright … I’ve started to notice I get wicked nauseated when I lay down and that’s even when I haven’t eaten… weird right?!
8. How are you emotionally? fine … I’m pretty much back to normal-ish… I kinda yell at sappy things and point out some of the obvious… but that’s just because my levels have changed… but that’s only at the t.v. and stupid student drivers! 
9. Do you still fit into your clothing, jewelry, and sneakers? no I don’t wear jean’s all that much, my jewelry comes and goes and my sneakers make my feet swell up… Grrr!
10. Do you feel the baby move? oh yeah … he’s wicked strong and very noticeable… but when he’s still for a long period of time I start to worry… 
11. How big is the baby inside you? (don’t physically know since I haven’t had an Ultrasound in a while) but according to-
WHAT TO EXPECT (an iPhone app)- the baby is as big a head of lettuce (19 inches long and 3.9lbs in weight)
BABY CENTER (another iPhone app)- the baby is as big as four (4) navel oranges ( measures just 16 inches long and weighs about 3.3lbs) 

At my last appointment they weighed me, gave me my flu shot, and gave me a ton of paperwork …

Weight: 131.6 lbs 
Height: 5’ 4”
BP (blood pressure): 98/60
Pregnancy Weight Gain: 26 lbs since start of pregnancy (it’s ALL BABY they say!)
-waiting to find out if I need another shot at my next appointment… I’ve scheduled five (5) appointments at the end of October I start going weekly! We’ve got it on the calender when I’m full term (Nov. 14th is my 37 weeks mark) I’m hoping I make it to at least 35 weeks so I can stay at Cooley Dick instead of coming earlier and going to Baystate!

Well that’s all for now… all try to post a few pictures later… I’m slacking on this site cause I’ve been so busy with school, work, the big boys and getting ready for little mr. kayden to arrive but when it’s safe for him to arrive! 

-see you all in two weeks!-


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