Weekly Update (even though I said I was gonna go bi-weekly but all do one since Monday we had some rough issues)
Congratulations your in the last section of your pregnancy … or at least that’s what I keep telling myself… lol

Well review over cap… wow it’s been one week since I blogged and I must have that pregnancy over load cause I can’t remember last week to save my life… normally I’m pretty good at things like that. Oh well at least I’ve got a blog going… lol!

Last OB-GYN visit was 9.17.2012 or at least last scheduled visit was 9.17.12 were I found out I was anemic, joyful! Well I started iron pills with prenatal pills to remember to take.

On 9.24.12 @ 2pm I was seen last minute for constant pain & lack of baby movement… found out the baby was in ready position and that my cervix was closed! (that was the plus) yet they hooked me up to machines for an hour which was really only supposed to be for 20 minutes, they monitored the babies heart rate and contractions… yuppers apparently I was having contractions but not ACTIVE LABOR so not to worry… yeah right you can’t say that and tell a pregnant woman who popped at 36weeks and 5days last time not to worry.

-how far along are you?- I am 30 weeks pregnant today! or 7months 2weeks!
-current weight?- easy I’m a nice 130lbs (this is all baby!)
-gain, loose, or stay the same?- gained a couple ozs not sure the exact amount
-sleep?- what is that word I used to know it but now I forget the meaning of it
-next appointment?- October 2nd, 2012 with my favorite Dr.
-cravings?- not so much anymore sadly I’ve only wanted pain to stop & sleep to come back
-morning sickness?- unless waking up nauseated due to pain counts then not so much
-hormones?- they just have me worrying a lot more than normal
-baby movement?- oh yeah… this little guy practices some UFC moves, loves to dance to country music and loves to make his siblings laugh… he’s a hyper active baby but sleeps good too!

(according to them the baby is-)
LENGTH: 15.7inches
WEIGHT: 3lbs like a head of cabbage

(according to them the baby is-)
LENGTH: 17inches
WEIGHT 3.1lbs like a butternut squash

they are close in weight but off a few with length… and they way they compare the two is funny… lol but cute!

29 weeks & 5days pregnant being monitored on 9.24.12 doesn’t that look so sexy & comfy?!

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