77 DAYS LEFT!!!!

I’m 7months 1weeks Pregnant!

Wow, ooops! I’ve kinda forgotten about my blog! But that’s okay it’s common to get side-tracked in pregnancy & focus on the important things in life. 
I’m a week into my third trimester too!
At my last OB-GYN appointment on 9.17 I found out I was really anemic and need to start taking iron pills on top of prenatal pills but the baby is happy and healthy!
Well that’s a wrap of what I’ve missed out so lets jump into this week!

~Weekly Questions~

How far along are you? I’m currently 29weeks pregnant

What’s your current weight? As of this morning when I weighed myself I’m 129.4lbs

Did you gain, loose or stay the same? Well since my last updated blog said I weighed 127lbs I gained about 2.4lbs yay!

How is sleep going for you? Sleep, your joking right… that’s a thing of my past, it’s only gotten worse as the trimesters have gone on, & it doesn’t help my son’s gone wacky with his sleep schedule (so we’re trying to get him back on schedule)

When’s your next appointment? Next OB-GYN appointment is October 2nd at 1:50pm with Dr. Patton

Are you experiencing any odd cravings? Just a crazy amount of Wintergreen Altoids… yikers but the normal pickles, a family favorite stuffed celery, and pringles

How’s morning sickness? It’s a pain in my *BLEEP* last night I woke up all nauseated (I am not sure why I was dead asleep)

How are those crazy pregnancy hormones treating you? eeeh they are treating me like any normal pregnant women… but their are just some people that like to tick me off and think it’s my pregnancy causing me to act the way I am… bah hahahaha yeah if they only knew!

Do you still fit into you jeans, socks, and jewelry? socks are alright, jeans I’ve got like three pairs that actually fit without causing pain, and jewelry not so much… I mean I can’t even wear my sneakers without pain :-/

How’s the baby movement? Holy hyper active baby… mainly after I eat, or when he’s hungry… or right when I want to go lay down & rest!

How big is the baby?

BABYCENTER says: Baby weighs about 2 1/2lbs like the size of a butternut squash and is about 15inches long (and it say’s we’ve got 77days until our due-date)

WHAT TO EXPECT says: Baby weighs about 2.9lbs like the size of a small cabbage and is about 17inches long (with 11weeks left)

pictures of my baby bump will be posted later today or tomorrow
at my next appointment all find out if theirs another ultrasound to be done… 
well see you all in about two weeks… gonna skip weekly blogs and go to bi-weekly cause that’s when all be able to update my doctors appointments info. too!

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