almost done with my second trimester!

Almost time to say goodbye to TRIMESTER 2!

Giving love to baby Kayden Lucas at 27weeks pregnant
  • How far along are you? I’m 6months 3weeks and 1day pregnant
  • What’s your current weight? weighed myself this am and was 127lbs
  • Did you gain, loose, or stay the same? holy crap according to last week I gained like 4lbs
  • How’s your sleep habits? sleep, what’s sleep lately it’s been cat naps
  • When’s your next OB-GYN appointment? September 17th, 2012 @ 10:30am in Hadley
  • Are you experiencing any odd cravings? besides wanting Wintergreen Altoids like all the time, just popcorn with a good amount of salt, and dark chocolate (yummy)
  • How’s morning sickness treating you? it hates me with a passion lately
  • How go those crazy pregnancy hormonal emotions? eehhh they come they go sometimes I wish they’d stay gone but I cry very easily late 😦 totally buzz kill!
  • Do you still fit into your socks, sneakers, clothing & jewelry? sneakers & socks when I first put them on & within half hour my feet have swollen up & hurt, clothing… gotta get some bigger jeans and nothing that is tight fitting in the arms…. jewelry is touch & go  
  • Do you feel the baby move? all the time… he’s a hyper active little one but when I eat something he really likes he really moves, same goes for music or when I watch t.v.
  • How big is the baby? According to WHAT TO EXPECT (iPhone App) the baby is the size of a head of Cauliflower about 16inches long and 2.5lbs in weight! (holy wow)  According to BABY CENTER (iPhone App) the baby is the size of a head of Cauliflower about 14.5inches long and 2lbs in weight (well this week we have the same reference but they say the weight is a .5lb difference and the length is a good 1.5inches in difference… hmmm I will know hopefully for sure when I find out when we schedule my next ultrasound) 

27 weeks baby bump side view (yuppers I’m carrying very low)
I’ve got no feet … I can’t even see the scale when I check me weight… LOL



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