♥Pregnancy Quiz♥

♥About You (the mother)

Name: Amanda
Age: 23year old
Height: 5’ 4”
Pre-pregnancy weight: about 100 lbs

♥About the Father

Name: Lorne
Age: 37
Height: 6’
Are you still together: yes we are happily married ♥5-21-2011

♥About your PREGNANCY

Is this your first pregnancy: no, my third
When did you find out you were pregnant: April 1st, 2012
Was it planned: actually it wasn’t 
What was your first reaction: uhm yeah this test lies, were’s the box I need another stick!
Who was with you when you first found out: well no one, but people were in my house
Who was the first person you told: my hubby, katie, katelin, and my mother … then after a few days Sarah (I knew she was trying I didn’t want her to get mad or upset with me…)
How far along are you: I’m 22weeks and 5days pregnant
Do you know the sex of the baby:  yes
Do you have names picked out: yes
If so, what are they: well since I know the sex of the baby his name is Kayden Lucas
How much weight have you gained: to be perfectly honest I haven’t weighed myself today but a few days ago I was down 3lbs 😦 ooops!
Have you felt the baby move: yes, he loves to dance
Have you heard the baby’s heartbeat: yes… it’s an amazing sound

♥About the BIRTH

Will you keep the baby: of course, I wouldn’t have gone this far in this pregnancy to just walk away
Home or Hospital birth: HOSPITAL
Natural or Medicated birth: MEDICATED (I’ve had to prior pregnancies and both were medicated)
Who will be in the delivery room with you: my husband (hopefully), my mother, my sister Katie, my sister Crystal (hopefully) and if she’s up to it Sarah (but she’s due a month after me-that’s if I come one time)
Will you breastfeed: depends on my situation, if he comes early then yes, if he’s on time then most likely not… I tend not to produce enough milk 😦 
Do you think you’ll need a C-Section: only if they tell me I need another ultrasound at 28weeks then again further and my placenta previa hasn’t migrated upwards and is still low to the cervix which then sticks my butt on bed rest and no sexual activity 
Will you cry the first thing when you hold the baby for the first time: to be honest I didn’t cry with the last two … I was to keyed in on some of the comments the delivery staff was making (with my first … I heard “Am I doing this right?” and with my second he was a month early so he went straight to the doctors for his examination
Would you let someone videotape the birth: heck no, plus CDH doesn’t allow it 😀 ahhh 
Are you EXCITED or SCARED about birth: to be honest, the feelings mutual right now, if it’s a c-section then scared, and if not then it really won’t be all that different then the last two 😀 either way I’m excited to meet this little guy!

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