Random Distractions

Name: Amanda
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Red/Aburn
Eye Color: Green/Hazel
Height: 5’ 4”/ or 5’ 5”
Weight: uhm last I checked I was 116lbs
Relationship Status: MARRIED
What time is it: 9:13pm
Are you in LOVE: yes
Do you have any KIDS: yes
How many do you have:
Are you pregnant: yes
Are you trying to get pregnant: N/A
How far along are you: 22weeks and 2days
What number pregnancy is this for you: third pregnancy
Favorite food: oh that’s tough 😦 I’m pregnant too many too choose from
Favorite drink: SPRITE
List 6 BEST friends: Lorne, Katie, Sarah, Nicky, Shauna, & Katelin
Do you smoke: no quit back in 2008
Do you drink: not currently and when I did it was socially
Give me 1 Fear: loosing my family
Give me 1 Pet-Peeve: honestly fake people
Give me 1 Goal: to further my education to provide for my family
Give me 1 Bad Habit: eating tins of Altoids in like one sitting ( yeah that’s bad )
Tell me an achievement of yours: honestly getting married was one of the greatest achievements but nothing beats bringing a life in to the world 
Current Mood: content
What are you currently wearing: capri’s and a tank top
What are you currently doing: filling this random distractions thing out
What should you be doing: studying
Anything that you are looking forward too: tomorrow and VACATION
Anything that your not looking forward too: yeah coming back and having unwanted family up 
What are you plans for tomorrow: Visiting with Ericka, Matthew, Sue, K-Bear, & Rae before heading off to our friend Jaimie’s wedding 
What are you plans for a week from today: well once the hub’s gets home from work… dropping Hershey & the Gerbils off to my mom’s then packing up the SUV for our lovely trip to PA & VA
Sprint or Verizon: Verizon all the WAY
Coke or Pepsi Products: Coke
Apples or Bananas: Apples
Altoids or Ice Breakers: Altoids
Chocolate or Gum: Chocolate
Talking or Texting: Texting of course
Laptop or Desktop: either or doesn’t really matter to me
What is currently going threw your mind: the fact that I still have ton’s to do and I’m not doing any of it
Who was the last person you called: my mother
Who was the person to call you: my hubby
Who was the last person you texted: my hubby
Who was the last person who texted you: jason
Who was the last person who commented on your facebook wall: Katie 
Who was the last person you commented on facebook: my hubby’s
Do you have a facebook: well durh that’s silly
Do you have a myspace: yeah but it’s a dying art
Do you have a twitter: yeah but honestly i barely use it
Do you have aim: yup but seriously i barely use it
Do you have skype: yeah but i only use it when on my laptop
What are you currently eating: nothing
What are you currently drinking: nothing
What are you currently listening to: the living room t.v. and the boys who are supposed to be sleeping 
Name five people of the top of your head: Lorne, Sean, Connor, Kayden and of course my mom! wow that’s five people
Do you have any pets: of course
If so what are they: Cats- Simba and Twitch, Dogs- Gizmo, Hershey, and Patches Gerbils- Baby Sean and Baby Connor, Fish and of course frogs! yeah I’ve got a mini farm
Cats or Dogs: BOTH
Sleep-in or Get up early: what’s sleep-in I forget 
Go to bed late or go to bed early: lately it’s been late 
Are you curious to when this ends: kinda
How many questions do you think you’ve answered: IDK gotta be more than 20 so far
Anything magical gonna happen at 12midnight tonight: yeah I better be watching the back of my damn eyelids 
Dodge or Chevy: DODGE
Ford or Toyota: FORD
Make-up or no make-up: depends honestly
Hair up or Hair down: really it honestly depends 
Currently how’s your hair: currently it’s up
Are you wearing any make-up: nope
When was the last time you wore make-up: crap I can’t remember that 
When was the last time you wore you a dress: my friends Jack&Jill 
When was the last time you got dressed up: 7-29-2012 (gotta semi dressed up for the Hubby’s birthday)
Do you think we are done: yes
Do you wish we were done: yes
Anyone currently annoying you: yes
If you could get away with telling someone on off would you: sure
Do you regret your past: no with your past our lessons learned 
Did you learn from your past: yes
Are you aware of your mistakes: yes
Do you plan to change for the better: of course 
Do you plan to accept ones faults as they are actions to your actions(basically are you ready to accept what someone does as an action to what you’ve done): yes because if it weren’t for my actions their actions possibly could have been avoided 
Do you plan to live were you are for the rest of your life: sure unless something changes
Do you plan to eventually become famous: don’t we all wish to become famous
What’s one talent you don’t show too often: singing 
What’s one talent you haven’t done in awhile: playing the flute 
Do you want this to be over: yes
Can you think of ten reasons that someone might hate you: honestly if their are ten reasons someone hates me I’m obviously doing something right and I honestly could careless if someone hates me
Do you care that anyone hates you: NOPE
Do you waist time looking back on things you can’t change: hell no
Do you waist time on past loves knowing you’ve got no chance: nawh your a past relationship for a reason… obviously it didn’t work out and obviously it wasn’t meant to be
Do you realize that this is probably never gonna end: starting too 😦 GRRRRR 
Do you think that someday everyone will meet their maker: yeah it’s called life
Do you believe in GOD: yeah
Are you aware that their is life out in outer space: mmhmm
Do you believe in UFO’s: sure why not… 
Are you a good person or bad person: good person until you piss me off then I’m your worst fear
Are you out going or shy: depends
Are you fun or shady: FUN
Are you a righty or a lefty: ambidextrous 
Name 10 T.V. shows that you like to watch (doesn’t matter if they are reruns of past shows from other times): 1. Bones 2. NCIS 3. NCIS LA 4. Criminal Minds 5. The Mentalist 6. Grey’s Anatomy 7. Private Practice 8. Hard Core Pawn 10. Forensic Files
What time is it currently: 9:36pm
How long has it been since you started this: 23 freaking minutes WTF
Are you aware your killing precious time: yeah and it’s kinda pissing me off… ugh why did i do this!
Okay well if you know that then are you ready to call it a quits: hell mother freaking yes! I want to get somethings done!
Okay was this fun: ARE YOU KIDDING ME YOU PUT A CRAMP IN MY FREAKING NECK, so no I don’t think this was as much fun as I thought it’d be when I started this!


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