Ultrasound & Prenatal Follow-Up 7-20-12

Well today was a good day, talked to my OB-GYN about my on going yeast infection and how it sucks balls, the fact that this baby is making me sit in positions I though were impossible during a pregnancy, and the fact that I’m also that my boobs yes boobs will have little areas that look like zits that aren’t, they will itch cause they are stretching and producing milk. My blood pressure was 94/60 I’m guessing good they didn’t say anything I weigh 113.2lbs yay 🙂 & oh I got double reassurance that it’s a BOY. Kayden’s heart beat was 143 which was great and they loved the fact it was a steady rate and beat. All find out more about my post placenta pre-via on 8-20-12 when I get back from vacation.
Well that’s all I got so I guess for now you’ll just have to wait until my next blog!!!!


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