5 Months Pregnant with Kayden Lucas

Welcome to your half way mark in weeks! 7-18-2012
Welcome to your half way mark in days! 7-19-2012
Welcome to the half way mark of your pregnancy!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012: 
   Well slap me silly I’m 20 weeks pregnant and I’m already showing! That day wasn’t the greatest days in history, could have wished it went a little better to be perfectly honest. There was two fights in the morning that totally weren’t needed then one in the afternoon that seriously had me in term-oil and Kayden all worked up. Lets just say feelings were def. layed out on the table and I was finally heard! But after all that had happened I was able to have a semi good night. Kids went to bed early… got to study while the hub’s went off to the station, even got to hit up Babies R Us to get baby Kayden’s registry almost completely finished! Yay! Just gotta do the Target one this coming week, hopefully Monday or Thursday… but that all depends on the kids and stuff. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012: 
     HALF WAY THERE!!! Wow, half way threw 280 days of a full term pregnancy… hmmm not much has happened lately besides lack of sleep, constant bathroom trips a night, and oh yes the you can’t sleep cause the baby belly gets in the way. There was only one fight today that was totally on him since apparently it’s all my doing that the kids aren’t 100% better and that they were fussy… actually it wasn’t thank you very much but oh well he’s off to work… so it’s my babies and me! Well that’s were we are today so I guess all write more tomorrow after my OBGYN appointment and Ultrasound! 

20weeks baby bump

Sean holding a sign that say’s I’m the BIG BROTHER which points to my belly!
5months pregnant (too cute)

I got a preggo belly bump! 
5months pregnant with Kayden, Connor not wanting to hear it’s a brother, and Sean going oh man!
(I love their expressions)

Hubby giving some love to Kayden while I make a ridiculous face


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