Welcome to the weekend wrap up

Welcome to the stage of chronic migraines, body aches and constant itching with the occasional cramping from the body stretching to accommodate the growing life inside your uterus. 

Sat.  Well this day was an interesting day, the baby wasn’t hyper or moving a lot during the day but wow that night when I wanted to go to bed yeah he was all over the place. He love’s his name Kayden he’s getting used to us talk to him… it’s funny when Lorne talks to my belly. Kayden likes it, he starts to move around. 

Sun. BUSY DAY… after a rough nights sleep, ton’s of cleaning, and two sick kids man my body was worn out by freaking 5pm. But I knew I wasn’t gonna get a lot of rest and boy was I right. As soon as the events died down and the guest left, I got into my PJs and attempted to rest and KAYDEN said nope it’s time to DANCE… so with him dancing around I took my hubs hand and had him rest it on my belly… well Kayden kicked him a few good kicks then settled down until he moved his hand away 😦 
 it was a awesome moment and feeling when daddy got to feel his little buddy kick up a storm … it’s more an eye opener for them that hey we aren’t making it up… 


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